S-I-E Yeah, if you don't have decent skills with a computer, PC gaming can be frustrating at... read more

quote Rayce
Still hoping for Heatran/Cress to make an appearance, but I'm happy with the ones...
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quote Tommy Vercetti
With an attitude like that I'd imagine it's a small party.
With 150 friends,... read more

Maybe they're being hacked, like what happened to Sony. Or maybe they're being DDOS attacked.... read more

quote Acreature
Both of those mini games came with the initial North American release as well but...
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quote ashantiqua
google "hyperdimension neptunia" for images then ask yourself, who buys this... read more

Nothing this hot would ever be on a Nintendo console.

But I hate JRPG's, so the only thing going... read more

That's right, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line has no microtransactions.
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quote Spook
EmuNAND and MT are still janky messes, even without the bricking. People are better off...
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quote Xeros the Slayer
4 and by extension 4G is the first to have an actual plot going on. Also 3DS...
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quote Xeros the Slayer
Pretty sure in the cases you're thinking of it wasn't free, though. It is...
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quote Xeros the Slayer
Well with MH they call it dlc, but it's all on the cartridge to begin with...
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quote THM
No new 3D Metroid for 3DS?
Nope, just more DLC! No game is complete on it's own anymore! read more

quote Spook
That's entertainment marketing.
Right. It's just disappointing to see Nintendo follow that crowd. read more

quote gsdfhf
They really seem to be making mini games their own full games now, Kirby Fighters...
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We don't even need news on this, of course it was going to sell well! read more

quote Spook
Gamecube controller support = superior version.
It may be better, but two factors will... read more

For-sure the 3DS version. It's gonna sell way better than the Wii U one. read more

quote mochasins
Looks like they've got almost identical coding to magic the gathering on app... read more

quote bluexy
Hunterb I haven't heard any sales figures. It did very average in terms of critical...
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