quote canderson
This is the only relevant game, not the 3DS game where you capture stupid...
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quote canderson
Yeah, I'm also going with the November 21st release date. It's the perfect date. read more

quote kuje
It's an HD remake of a PSP game...
That's coming to PS4 and XBone... Inferior systems. read more

quote Thrawn
Yeah I wish they would just give us a release date already so we know exactly when...
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I see developers are still dismissing the 6,000,000+ daily Steam users. Nice job losing potential cash. read more

quote RandomHeroJr
But you get a 2-disc soundtrack as well Huntereb
I change my mind, then! I can't... read more

quote GamerGirlx3
What's wrong with DLC ?
Nothing, it's just the requirements to get him. I'm not... read more

quote projectz
Well I only just got my code in the post from Amazon, so we all didn't ima check it...
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Have they mentioned if the story is longer than 5 hours? Game looks nice, good graphics. read more

Honestly, who didn't already know this? Most of us already played the demo last monday. read more

I'll tune in. Not planning on picking up the Wii U version, but maybe this stream will persuade me. read more