Needs to be a bit lower to be worth it with those monthly fees. It's ridiculous people eat this shit up... read more

Ew, those Smash sales are nasty compared to previous generations. Nintendo did a horrible job... read more

quote THM
Time to get PlayStation 4 then?
Nah, too expensive. I'll just wait till it's the cost of a Wii. read more

This actually looks like a really awesome game. Too bad it's an exclusive. :/ read more

I dunno about Nintendo revealing anything. Might just be a flaunt of already announced games. read more

added Minimum (PC) to his own list



What the actual *bleep* is this shit? Why do developers all the sudden feel okay... read more

Along with what appears to be a lot of people here, I have not played this either. I look forward to this! read more

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Huehuehuehue. Inoerite?
Seriously, 30 FPS is gonna make a world of a... read more

quote canderson
This is the only relevant game, not the 3DS game where you capture stupid...
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