May 27, 15 9:48pm
added Gun Monkeys (PC) to his own list
May 06, 15 1:14pm

This actually looks like a game I'll be interested in, glad it's not a shitty Wii U exclusive or anything. read more

Apr 18, 15 6:47am

quote Shmexie_x_Deoxys
hacking is one thing, hacking the game before it came out? having the game...
read more

Apr 15, 15 7:23am

Literally had this guy two days before the game officially came out. Looks pretty sweet, too bad he's only a temp form. read more

Apr 02, 15 1:16pm

Nice title caption. Unfortunately it's probably the truth. read more

Jan 16, 15 1:57pm

Needs to be a bit lower to be worth it with those monthly fees. It's ridiculous people eat this shit up... read more

Dec 26, 14 3:11pm

And I'm just sitting here on PC having no issues. read more

Dec 12, 14 3:14pm

Ew, those Smash sales are nasty compared to previous generations. Nintendo did a horrible job... read more

Dec 08, 14 8:33am

quote THM
Time to get PlayStation 4 then?
Nah, too expensive. I'll just wait till it's the cost of a Wii. read more

Dec 07, 14 10:21am

This actually looks like a really awesome game. Too bad it's an exclusive. :/ read more

Dec 05, 14 4:44pm

I dunno about Nintendo revealing anything. Might just be a flaunt of already announced games. read more

Nov 26, 14 5:07pm

dat gril in the middle has som big boobies hnng read more

Nov 18, 14 9:37am
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Nov 13, 14 1:22am

Space has finally come? It's not a joke anymore?! read more

Nov 10, 14 9:31pm
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Nov 09, 14 6:33pm
started a discussion titled "A Pokegen Service [SIXTH GEN POKEMON AND EVENTS] [ONLINE]" in Pokémon Trading
Nov 07, 14 2:00am

Guess I'm not playing Farcry 4. Well, maybe on an illegitimate copy... read more

Nov 06, 14 1:22pm

This is old as shit. Why is this here so late? read more

Nov 06, 14 9:02am

quote Pokemongamer12
Is that good or bad?
Is gud. read more

Nov 05, 14 7:08pm



What the actual *bleep* is this shit? Why do developers all the sudden feel okay... read more

Nov 05, 14 7:06pm

Along with what appears to be a lot of people here, I have not played this either. I look forward to this! read more