Yup, dis gon be good. Also, good luck trying to get Ruby and Sapphire out of your head for the next month. It's *bleep

As the title says, I need an Aggronite. I'm willing to give you any Pokemon below 6th generation for it, shiny or not. Re

Welcome to the second of many great giveaways! For those of you just joining for the first time, thought it would be fun to s

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to start a little series here in the trading forum that's dedicated to giving out som

I searched, and there doesn't seem to be one. Isn't that odd? Well, now there is. Post your Vs. Recorder codes here,

I need all of these (And I will trade them back once I get them!): Meinfoo Mienshao Zangoose Seviper Spoink Grumpig

I need someone who still has access to Pokebank (Trial not expired, or you purchased a year's subscription) to help me tr

Here's the deal; I'm trying to get the Oval Charm, but I need to get all these Pokemon. With your help, I can accompl

Alright, here's how it works: You get me 5 of the Pokemon on the list below, and I'll give you a shiny for them. The

I need to transfer all the remaining legendaries I need in X/Y, and I have them in Black 2. I can't use Pokebank because

I'm wondering how good you guys think my current Garchomp Setup is, and I'm a bit iffy on what item to use on him. Sh

...Help me transfer my Garchomp from Pokemon Black/White 2 to X/Y through Pokebank. I can't use Pokebank because my syste

As the title says, I need a Toxic Orb (You can get one from the Battle Maison). I'm lazy, so I'll give you a Shiny De

I can't use Pokebank because my 3DS isn't updated, and I don't want to update it. If you happen to have White/Bla

As the title says, I'm looking for a Shiny Aegislash. Depending on its stats (6IV would be great, as long as you can prov

I'm talking about the most "OP" pokemon you can think of, with a combination of items and stats. Which do you t

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