I'm 35 skill and wanting to go for 15 arcane for tool use for fun I was wondering can the burial blades be buffed with pa

I was looking on the internet and saw that SD cards of over 2 gb dont work with the 3ds system so i was wondering if this wou

I didnt play much online before but have recently got the game for ps4 and jumped on to see what it was like, got warped into

Just figures id see what people are looking forward to while playing, be interesting to see why people bought it :p Mine i

I am trying to farm for a rathalos ruby to complete a rath soul set. I read online about and everyone says to capture it howe

I have just come back from a long break and have seen all these new weapons added etc. Searched around for a bit but havent f

Has anyone played around with weapon infusions yet other than the mundane? Is there a scaling where by it becomes beneficial

So Im trying to fight mythra the slut or whatever shes called and I have burnt the windmill however all the poison remains, i

I am used to being summoned all the time and having plenty of people to summon all the time but since starting NG+ im lucky t

So far Ive beaten the lost giant, pursuer, sinner, ruin sentinels, the first rat boss vanguard?, dragonrider, dragonslayer, a

I've been in 2 minds about getting one because a long story short back in the day I had a ps2 with no internet and played

Wonder if ESO will flop? Mixed Reviews

Title says it, LF> Shiny Froakie with protean, not too fussed on iv's. Let me know what you would want for it

Im currently only 2 badges in on my new play through and im trying to find a team with good looking moves who offer interesti

I have it on the 3DS and know that the online is local and something along the lines of a wii u adapter can change that, howe

FT: Lv.45 Cobalion - Sassy Nature Lv. 48 Virizion - Naughty Nature Lv.5 Froabble - Jolly Nature Lv.1 Treecko - Naive Nat

If I restart my game can I reclaim the torchic or is it a one time claim only?

Just wondering if anyone has caught and evolved a riolu yet and if so how many hearts does it need on the amie to evolve?

Does anyone have any info on if x&Y will be on sold on the ds estore to download? How big will it be if anyone knows? Che

The waits nearly over! Which pokemon do you think you will be using most? The old gens or the newer gens? Personally I think


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