hey hugo i was wondering you know that code you posted to steal in game trainer pokemon how do you do it and does it work on gym leaders
plz tell on my guestbook
Thanks for the TM's! I guess i am supposed to type 125 letters, so im just doing this part so i can actually sign your book. Thanks for the stuff man!
Hugo I cant thank you enough for all that you have done for me, thanks to you and you kindness I have constructed a new and "shiny" party. Thanks man.
YOUVE BEEN STAMPED BY ME, BOBUEL!!!! i dont have a stamp so i thought i could just type on up lol thnaks for all the trades hugo

Hey thank's for the Animation of a shiny groudon! so as a thanks you get stamped!
Thanks for the pokes. And thanks for cloning for my own use. You are a great trader and good luck in the future. Hope you enjoy your pokes.
I haven't signed a Guestbook in a LONG time, so you're my first of 2008!

I hope you hv a good time with the cloned toysrus may 31's darkrai of mine , well i better fill up some characters............................apgjapjphjr
Hugo07 is a good guy, ain't known him all that long but already he is helping me out a ton with trades, top class guy. I hope I can return the favout some day in getting some pokemon he is after

I got the shiny bulbasaur, which now has a new home amongst my FIRST shiny battle party, so far it is only lvl 45 venasaur but it will grow, and perhaps visit u =]
What's up dude?
Thanks for the team I asked for.
You really do rock as said below.

I need to fill in some space, so here we go:

hugo ur a god guy u have traded with me countless times and not once have you let me down you have given me loadz of stuff and only wish i could repay you
(but i cant coz everything i have you have lol)
Hey Hugo your tha best coz you traded me alot of pokes i wouldnt have if it wasnt for you Cheers mate!!! i would also recommend you to most people if the wanted some one nice to trade with and that wouldnt trade hacks cheers once again mate
Just traded a Mismagius for a Magmortar.
Gotta say, it was literally flawless, thanks a lot Hugo07!
Hope to trade again soon!
Thankyou so much for the trade. You have a really good shop and you get straight down to buisness with no delays. Your trades are really reliable and you rock!!! 11/10!
i dont know how to do this :S i havent done it before okok lets go with... ermmm i forget no i got it... errrr... hmmm, alright i got something, no... i dont like these things they scare me :S but razor claws i much very needed and got i have from this thank you person

and if you really need something more meaningful ill leave you with this...


is that ok? :/
Just dropping a line to say that Hugo has been a good guy all around.
I look forward to doing pokemon business withhim in the future.

Here's your guestbook signiture bud. Thanx for the pokemon, I would post a clever picture here but all my clever pics are on my other computer.
Awesome trader, true asset to this forum. I really appreciate all you do for new traders like me. Thank you thank you so much for all that you do on here.
You have great pokemon to :D
And you seem like a very cool person to Umm don't know what else put lol XD You have a loooott of shinys
great trade it really helped me fill my dex.
i did not give you much but you really helped
thank you again. maybe down the road if i still need help to fill you can get me a celebi or entei something like that