Jun 26, 11 7:51pm
My Little Status Message
Jun 22, 11 5:26pm
Jun 14, 11 4:09pm
Hraefn blogged
Apr 1, 11 8:09pm

All of Twitter is abuzz about domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy's latest scandal. This time, it's more than just exploitation and scantily-clad girls — GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons just recently uploaded a video about him shooting and killing an elephant in Zimbabwe, then posing proudly over the body. has the story, or you could simply just Google "GoDaddy elephant". Warning, the video is extremely graphic.

To say that I am outraged by this is an understatement. I'm no PETA sympathizer — I don't agree with a lot of their tactics — but I do love animals. Bob Parsons tried to justify his actions, claiming he was doing a service to the villagers. I call BS! All that is just a thinly-veiled excuse to justify his trophy-hunting. That remorseless grin on Mr. Parson's face as he stands over the dead elephant isn't relief, like he claims. That's the smile of a murderer proud of his work.

In light of this, I have moved all domains I had with GoDaddy and canceled all services I had with them. If you have domains with GoDaddy, then I strongly suggest you consider doing the same.

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Hraefn blogged
Apr 1, 11 4:07pm

I've been thinking about making this post for some time now but never could quite make myself actually do it. But it's not good keeping things back, is it? Some things have to come out eventually.

If you've heard anything about me, it's probably of my sudden disappearance from Neoseeker — from the entire Internet, in fact. I'm afraid I made a lot of people worry. It's heartening to know that people cared, but truly, I'm sorry to have worried you so much!

So what did happen?

Without going into too much detail, it was basically this: I was in what had been a long term relationship that had suddenly — and violently — turned abusive. Looking back on it now, the signs were clearly there long before things reached a boiling point. If you knew where to look. Hindsight is always 20/20.

All things considered, I was really lucky. I had friends and family who stood by me and who helped me through all the pain and depression of the dark years ahead. Some people don't even have that much. It's with their help, and time, that I was able put my life back together — perhaps a little more damaged, but stronger for it.

-PS- If you or someone you know is in a relationship that is abusive, get help! Seek professional advice! If you can't or are unable to do that, then talk to someone, anyone, about what's happening. The first step to breaking the cycle of abuse is to let people know about it.

Mar 31, 11 12:08pm
Oh, hey, I just suddenly remembered this! =^^=
Dec 2, 10 2:18am
Just connected Twitter to my Neoseeker account. Let's see how this goes. =^^=
Dec 2, 10 12:29am
says: "Happy Holidays, everyone!"
Nov 2, 10 12:34am
Participating in NaNoWriMo 2010!
Oct 14, 10 12:02am
Happy Pumpkin Day!

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