Well my old bio was up for a while and nobody probably ever read it. My main views were, I more than don't like you, the things you like, or your religious beliefs or political views. Even if you are an atheist or agnostic. I would also like to state I don't like any races, even my own, above all I must add i hate you all equally.

I've come to the conclusion that if there is something that I strangely agree with you on anything amicably I can assure myself it won't last long. If you have come thus far in reading this biography of sorts your probably wondering "he must be really unhappy" or "a really irritable person" your wrong. I'm actually quite happy, people to me are nothing more but one massive momentous circus sideshow. And I have front row seats to all you strange creatures.

Now by this time if your even beginning to put your cursor over the "message" button, with the topic being my biography don't bother. Your message is probably one of similar grammatical, avenging, internet heroism messages about this or that, of which I've never fully read either.

By the way I'd just like to say I love getting people angry i feel its my job in life to disagree with you on everything. Your mother and father had fun sharing my fleshy fun stick last night.

Le Fin~


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