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Aug 28, 11 12:54am

Ok. I am pissed off. I have been for some time, but since I win anyway, it never bothered me too much. However, last night was the last straw. What I'm gonna say will refer to my Ragna experiences as if multiple people I have played do it, but there is one person I face who mains Scrubedge and represents all the noobs out there.

Ragna, you are for *bleep*ing scrubs and noobs.

There is a reason you are the tutorial character. There is a reason you are the main character, and the one new players are attracted to, and advised to use. THERE IS A REASON EVERYONE CALLS YOU 'RAGNA THE SCRUBEDGE'.

Why? Because you are for *bleep*ing scrubs. Only the scrubbiest noobs will play and main you. If you play competitively, nobody will have ANY respect for you.

What I'm gonna do here is list what I don't like, and say how I counter this nooby behaviour in the next paragraph with Tager, my main.

Standing B: HOW *bleep*ING LONG ARE YOUR GODDAMN LEGS? They reach longer than Tager's 5D, and has 5C gatling, allowing for typical Scrubedge combos. Let's not forget to mention that 5C has Gauntlet Hades and 6C gatling as well, which normally wouldn't be a problem...but the *bleep*ing INPUT LAG. Arcsys, get your *bleep*ing act together, and make a game with a decent online netcode, so Ragna scrubs can't mash all day, every day. By the time I see a Gauntlet Hades coming, it's too damn late. Your 3C > 6C is so *bleep*ing fast it isn't funny.

If you're magnetised, enjoy eating a 360A. If not, there is not much I can do except block and wait for you to finish your combo with the obvious Hell's Fang > follow up and punish from there. Learn to play noobs.

Jumping C: Once again, THE *bleep*ING RANGE! Sure, he has a big-ass sword, but his JC is has such a long range it isn't funny either. If in doubt, hit CH JC and do another Scrubedge combo from that. Tone. Down. The. *bleep*ing. Range.

A quick tip for you noobs: Tager has wonderful anti-air in 2A and Atomic Collider. Approaching me from the air is goddamn suicide. I WILL hit you with a counter 2A, and I WILL combo the shit out of you from it. Stop trying to abuse range, and learn that you can, and will be countered every time. Be thankful I don't Fatal 2C your ass.

6C: An extremely spam-friendly move that has a very quick start-up time, combos somewhat reliably and has excellent proration, leading to high damage combos. The move itself is somewhat unreliable, as the second hit sometimes whiffs, but overall it is an extremely spammable without much fear unless Ragna is which case backdash 360 says hi. It annoys the *bleep* out of me as both the low 6C AND Gauntlet Hades are extremely quick on start-up, and combined with input lag, is hard to block.

Hell's Fang: Oh Lord, Hell's Fang. Easily the most spammed move from Scrubedge users. Once again, THANKS INPUT LAG. Hell's Fang without the follow up has a ridiculous recovery time, but for some reason 5A DOESN'T hit them and they manage to mash out a Throw Counter on you. Tell me how that works. They are even more scrubby when they do the follow up on block, leaving them at a ridiculous frame disadvantage and wonder why they get countered. If they decide to have half a brain and mix it up with a Rapid to 6C,'s so obvious it's not funny. Good job wasting 50 Heat idiot.

Let us not forget your random Blood Kain > Hell's Fang. It is so obvious it isn't funny. You do it EVERY TIME, and then wonder why I buffer a 720 during your BK start-up and catch you during Hell's Fang to eat 5.6k. Learn something different!

Testing out in practice mode, Hell's Fang to a throw can be punished by 5A. Unfortunately, due to input lag, this isn't the case online. Since the obvious throw is obvious, a 360A will be escaped or I will be thrown for trying to 5A. Backdash 360A for post-throw miss mashing, Atomic Collider for jump escapes expecting a 360 or air pressure is the way to go. If you even try to use Hell's Fang's follow up, I will backdash 360B or 720 your ass. Don't complain when you take 5.6k damage for being a noob and trying to take one of my 10 primers.

Carnage Scissors: Ok, Ragna scrubs. Here's a lesson for you. Do you know why Ragna's combos give out ridiculous heat numbers? Because Ragna's combos are meant to be RC'd for more damage. RANDOMLY SPAMMING WAKE-UP CARNAGE SCISSORS IS NOT HOW YOU PLAY RAGNA. YOU WILL BE PUNISHED FOR USING IT. Have you idiots ever heard of hitting a wall 5B or 5D (1 hit) and cancelling into Blood Kain for 5K MINIMUM? No, because you are *bleep*ing scrubs. Using air throw > Carnage Scissors is nooby and prorates like a mother *bleep*er, it does NO why do you keep doing it?

Hello, Carnage Scissors! Say hi to backdash 720! What's that? Over half of your health just disappeared? TRY USING YOUR HEAT PROPERLY THEN.

Wall Pressure Mashing: (This is mainly for online play, due to the input lag and what-not.)
Contrary to popular belief, mashing while I'm in the corner is NOT good pressure. It is obvious and goddamn scrubby. Here are some nice examples: attempting to punish a roll with 6C, 5B > 5C > follow up into Gauntlet Hades, and let's not forget my personal favourite... 5B > Dead Spike. I have 10 primers you IDIOT. I will backdash your mashing and 360 you, and I will SLEDGE the *bleep* out of your Dead Spike. Yes, scrubs, Dead Spike is classed as a projectile-style attack and can be sledged through. What makes you think you can get rid of all 10 of my primers by mashing Dead Spike at the wall before I will punish the shit out of you with a Sledge? What are you, retarded? Jesus Christ, learn to play.

Inferno Divider: This move pisses me off. I'm always amazed at how Inferno Divider eats through EVERY GODDAMN MOVE and counters you. No matter how far through the move you are, it has priority. It's priority is absolutely *bleep*ing ridiculous. I was Inferno'd out of a wake-up Magna Tech Wheel for christ's sake. I had my fingers ready to RC > 360A/B, but for some reason, that stupid bloody move has priority over every other move in the goddamn game. It's ridiculous. When you predict it right, you can punish it to all hell, but don't even thing of using block-string pressure against a Scrubedge, Inferno Divider eats through it all. A completely bullshit move that is medium risk, very high reward.

Low-Health 5A Mashing: When I have a slither of health left, you just wait for the tech and mash the shit out of 5A. Hey idiot! Instant blocking gives out a shitload of Heat! Not to mention that 360A will eat through your jabbing and deal out a shitload of damage.

Astral Mashing: Extremely predictable and easily avoided. Nice job wasting 100 Heat and a Primer.

This is all I wanna say right now. Sure, this may be an incoherent babble of shit, but it's slot of anger out of my system. I just wish I had done this when the feelings were fresh, it would have been alot better. If I need to add more, I'll just make another rant here.

Overall, Ragna is for noobs and scrubs. No, I'm not butthurt for losing, as my Tager wins 95% of the time against this particular well as the fact that I have a counter for every scrub move you have. What I can't do, however, is get rid of input lag. For a character with slow moves and such precise tech traps, input lag is a real killer.

All I want to say is this: Sure, Ragna is a cool character, a half-vampire with a gay brother, wields a giant sword, has an awesome drive in Soul Eater (I love Dead Spike in particular) and is an easy character to learn, but at the end of the day, when you are using the same cheap, scrubby and boring tactics with a character with so many mix-ups and opportunities, it's a great let down. Try learning another character. I enjoy using the bottom-tier Tager, I have ever since watching the finals match between Mike-Z and that Nu-13 spammer that got me to buy BBCT.

I know how to use Tager, Hazama, Lambda (DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD), Arakune, Ragna and Hakumen, and have dabbled in Makoto (tier whoring in BBCS2 FTW), Valkenhayn, Jin and Rachel. All you use is Hazama (and I still completely dominate every game, even though the match-up is completely one-sided towards Hazama), Ragna (for 80% of matches) and Jin (Drive spam ftl). Seriously, either try to learn new mix-ups and strategies instead of mashing and spamming, or go and learn a new character that actually takes a tiny bit of skill.

Ragna is, and always will be, for scrubs. That is all.

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