all caracters unlocked+weapons and armours SoulCalibur3 PS2
172 Pokemons in Pokedex PokemonRuby GBA
finished story on easy, normal and hard difficulty DevilMayCry3 PS2
HR6 only White Fatalis left MonsterHunterFreedom2 PSP
only Crimson Fatalis left MonsterHunterFreedom PSP
pokedex 100% complete PokemonDiamond DS
all set 1 card deck the CPU has, unlocked TheEyeOfJudgment PS3
at Son of Spada difficulty DevilMayCry4 PS3
all caracters unlocked SoulCalibur4 X360
80% complete and lvl 7 of 10 online GrandTheftAuto4 PS3

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