Jul 12, 14 4:25pm
Been a while since I've been here... Really though, not much has changed.
Jul 15, 12 12:49pm
Returning To Neoseeker
Nov 4, 11 7:01pm
Giggity giggity.
Mar 13, 11 3:03pm
HoodedSolidSnake shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
Nov 21, 10 2:01am


At 2:30 AM this past Saturday, Boston police responded to a 911 call in Roxbury and were greeted with one of...

Nov 20, 10 10:18pm
Solid snake eater!
HoodedSolidSnake blogged
Oct 25, 10 6:04pm

My PSN ID: HoodedSolidSnake
If you want to play me then check out the games I play at my collections. If ou see one you want to play me at, then add me (tell me you are from Neoseeker). Thanks... Andrew.

pc other
HoodedSolidSnake blogged
Oct 25, 10 6:02pm

Here's the link:

If anyone wants a Sub 4 Sub then send me a message. I upload videos of PS3 games, like Just Cause 2, Quantum Of Solace and lots of others. Please check them out and leave comments. If you want to play me at any of the games add HoodedSolidSnake. Thanks... Andrew.

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Oct 17, 10 5:59pm
Solid Snake... WITH A HOOD
Oct 16, 10 3:31am
PSN ID: HoodedSolidSnake

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