Fletchling...won't SHINE FOR MEEEE //CRIES

Hello! There's this cute camper that I saw today, but sadly I already have 10 villagers in my town. So to any ACNL expert

Pokebank is finally here!! Hooray~
After 554 REs, finally got the shiny Espurr! It's female as well! I AM PLEASED. Next hunt will be shiny Murkrow!
Next hunt~ Shiny Espurr!
After 802 REs, a female Braixen decided to shine for me today!! My hunt is over! She's beautiful!

Found another shiny male Growlithe at 682 REs! I just realized all but one of my shinies are male haha! Continuing my search for shiny female Braixen~
Found a shiny Growlithe after 197 REs! That was a quick hunt! Continuing my search for shiny Braixen!

Hello! I really want to collect all the starters that's out so far and I'm willing to trade anything for it! I don&am

Starting my quest for a shiny Fennekin! Wish me luck~

Because Pokemon Bank has been delayed, I've been wonder trading a lot and I've got my hands on a Feebas! I don't

Are we allowed to do that? If so how? If not, that's a bummer! Thanks in advance!

So, I've heard that you can't use transferred Pokemon in competitive battles. Is that only for tournaments or actual

So apparently Pokémon Bank has been delayed! --Quote Serebii.net-- In The Games Department Pokémon Bank -

Can't wait for Poke Bank!! I'll be reunited with my 5th gen Pokemons!!!
I finally got a shiny Eevee! It's a male, but still happy! Going to look for more shiny Eevees and hopefully one of them is a girl!
Caught a Shiny Aipom while looking for an Eevee. Not what I wanted, but still happy~!

Hello, hello! I just started playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and let me tell you, I cannot believe I haven't played this

Hello! This is probably a little late haha, but I've heard that if you tipped a lot, your chances of running into shinies

Greetings everyone! Lately, I've gotten into competitive battling and while I was making my team, I saw that I needed ano

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