Welcome To My NeoHome

Welcome to my NeoHome! Here you'll find a lot about myself, my neo-friends and about my time here on Neoseeker.

Neo Autobiography

Well I first found neoseeker while I was playing Harvest Moon DS. I couldn't get the 4th mine open so I thought I'd post here for help and posted as the guest: Terrierboy. I then made a real account with the name Terrierboy. I finally got some help from Rainbow Gal. She was always there to help me and eventually I married her. Sometime on march 29th I got a PM from someone telling me that RG told them to tell me she left. I've missed her but then my best friend Jordii was always there. She is the best whenever I'm sad or lonely she's always there she's just the best and I love her so much.<3

A Few of my NeoFriends

This is for some selected friends who I've known for ages and I really like. Not in any particular order im not putting everyone here just the people who are the people I know and trust. Jordii: Jordii's always there she's a great girlfriend.<3 The best person on neoseeker. She's my randomest friend and the nicest. She's always there when you're sad and cheers you up. Shes always nice and the best girl around DONT CHANGE JORDII K? Kidkrillinandgokufan: Drew is one of my very first neo friends. He was firstly ILoveMoe nd has always been there. He's brilliant at writing. He always makes me laugh, we usually get into fights and other things but hes just pure awesomeness. Gothicmoon: My neo-cousin, Kat's one of the best mods I know. She's pure awesomeness and always nice to talk to. She's always nice to me but she knows my secret which can never be told again. And two other people. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Other information.

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