Megacoolstar Hobohodo
May 26, 08 7:35am
Heylo Umbreon, Signing your Guest book because i fell like it, and Cuz im welcoming you to the team.
Next meeting is May 27th, So be there, or Be a Eevee.
Animal Crossing Mad Hobohodo
May 25, 08 8:05pm

Can you pwease add me to your neo-friend list?

Thanks. ^^

I'm signing your Guest Book!!!

Huh? You noticed?



Hehe, like ma new stampy?

Mmm... Cookies... =p
Mouschi Chan Hobohodo
May 23, 08 12:39pm
Heh heh Hullo your crazie friend here =D
Well I thought I havn't signed his dusty old book in ages so what the Hay here I am!
Well just so you know this be my latest piece of art [I knoe Ima bit rusty sheesh >.>]
You know your my best bud ever and I won't hide anything from you so stop feeling bad!
Ima tell ya tomorrow Goober =P
Well Much Love,
.: Pistachio Ninja:.
Skye Hobohodo
May 19, 08 10:33pm
Hai Joel, I haven't signed in a bit and now that you and me are good friends, I'll be popping in a bit more any way here's for my new stamp.

cya around
Jordii Hobohodo
May 5, 08 5:12pm
Hey Joel. =]

Well, I'll start by saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" and I hope you have an awesome day, because you deserve it.

Anyway! Here's a little gift for 'ya.

Have a great time, and enjoy yourself. Oh, and don't forget to save me some cake. ._.

Jordii Hobohodo
May 4, 08 12:51am
Meh, I was supposed to send these out ages ago but I just didn't have the time. ._.

Anyway! Congratulations on winning so many awards on the MySims Forum! So... Right, yeah. I guess it's time for mah lovely stamp now. You ready? Good. Here it comes.

BAMMMMMM! See you around~

nightmare Hobohodo
Apr 27, 08 9:12pm
Great work winning so many awards in the MySims Forum Awards. I'm signing your Guestbook, like I'm supposed to.. >_> Anyways, enjoy my lovely stamp. =]

See you around.

x GM x
Skye Hobohodo
Apr 26, 08 1:25am
Good job you won some award in the MySims forum awards.
Dramon Knight Hobohodo
Apr 22, 08 1:23am
Hello Joel the nuby epic phail guy.

I am signing your guestbook, but i dont have a stamp aww well.

Btw, Dramon Knight > you!