I first joined neoseeker under the name of terrierboy, everyone kept spelling it wront ^^', i got married to rainbow gal but sometime in march i got a pm from someone they told me Rainbow Gal had left neoseeker and Jordii was always there so i neomarried her. I changed my neo name, but now I use the account terrierboy again, but since everyone asks about this new name it means 'Phoenix Wright' in japanese.
What people have said about me:

Jordii~'Well.. Ahem. His real name is Joel, and I'm pretty sure that everyone will find that he's the funniest, most random member on Neo. No matter how hard I try, I'll always lose the argument. Oh, and one other thing. He's a terrible girl. XD'

KidKrillinandGokuFan~'I hate attention seekers. Except you. You're my burden. D:'

Diamondflame~'I heard you died in a freak tricycle accident. O_o'

GothicMoon-'well.. you're a super guy with a wonderful head on your shoulders also you can be random as hell, but you wouldnt be you without that'

Flopsyindahouse~'Joel, you are super cool, you rawk neo-bro!!!'

Midnight Blue-'My awesome, crazy, hits on everyone he meets, has a bukit and a jar of dirt friend ._. He's cool too. =D'


Choccy~'Joel, you are the most random person I know. It's quite scary, but don't ever change.'

Ma first ban:¤t=hoops.jpg


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Review: No More Heroes - No more heroes!

May 23, 2008

No More Heroes is an action/adventure game. It's set in a place called Santa Destroy. It's about a man called Travis Touchdown who one night meets a girl called Sylvia. He kills a biker but he doesn't know it was actually an assassin. This...

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