Daylight Hmszelda
May 8, 13 2:06pm

The Legendary Tactician and Mariokarter
Daylight Hmszelda
Apr 1, 13 2:32pm
Thanks for being one of the moderators who is actually my friend, who speaks to me, and answers MOST of my PM's.
Vast Hmszelda
Feb 14, 12 8:32pm
haalyle Hmszelda
Dec 28, 11 6:51pm

From a Neo bestie.
Happy New Year!
TheSierraphoenix Hmszelda
May 19, 11 8:07pm
Kinda have one thing to say: u r a great friend. I dont know how to explain it, but we have been friends since we both first discovered neo. I LYLAS, and you've always been a riot. Thanx for being my friend, without u, there is no "Zelphee". u rawk!
snow Hmszelda
May 17, 11 4:39pm
We do like a lot of the same games,and your one of the nicest people I've meet on neoseeker xD