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May 24, 15 7:10pm

Below you will find a list of games I own for the DS/3DS. Comment and tell me what to play. Okay thanks.

Rune Factory 4
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
Tales of the Abyss
The Sims 4 Pets
Pokemon Rumble Blast
Super Mario 3D Land
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Pokemon Y
Mario Kart 7
Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
(^3DS DSv)
New Super Mario Bros.
Animal Crossing Wild World
Nintendogs Labs and Friends
World of Zoo
imagine Teacher
Cooking Mama 3 Shop and Chop
Drawn to Life The Next Chapter
Drawn to Life
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
LEGO Harry Potter
Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands
Magical Starsign
Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007
Pokemon Black 2
Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks
Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass
Naruto Path of the Ninja
Pokemon Black
Pokemon Conquest
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
Naruto Ninja Council 3
Pokemon Soul Silver
Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Rangers Guardian Signs
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team
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Mar 10, 15 8:42pm

[8:38:33 PM] Kyle: The Green Splat is the best super hero
[8:38:43 PM] Kyle: Coming 2015
[8:40:18 PM] Jay: it is 2015
[8:41:02 PM] Kyle: Exactly
[8:41:06 PM] Kyle: Coming this year
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Jan 30, 15 8:14pm

Games I have and want to finish but have not:
Rune Factory 4

Games I have and had not played:
Omega Ruby
A Link Between Worlds

Games I want and have not got:
Fantasy Life

Games I want and have not come out:
Majora's Mask
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
Etrian Mystery Dungeon
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Jan 2, 15 2:14pm

A friend of mine (Denny, I think) said this once and I put it on a sticky note on my desktop and it's been sitting there ever since... Thought I would put it here instead. It's nice when people say nice things, yeah?

"Jay (Hmszelda) - Jay is the type of person who is very well known. Through her comic, her clan and popularity, she is known all around Neoseeker. One time I freaked out, and we were both pissed and in the end we were still friends. That's the type of person people look for. Forgiving and kind. This girl right here, she's the shiz"
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Dec 4, 14 7:48pm

So a while ago I made a thread in PokeLounge about hogwarts houses and who was in what and stuff.
And I realized now that they all made a lot of sense.

"I can see this because..."

People who were Ravenclaw:
Brady: ...He is smart in more than just grade ways (though I'm sure he rocks there too). He was always adding on the wikis and stuff, knowing the code and information in a way I couldn't be bothered. He was a good leader and knew how to get things done. He is brilliant.
Jeevs: ...He's intelligent and decisive. Not only is he a good battler (and that takes a lot more than just lvl 100ing your favorite and blasting a powerful move), but he always had ideas of what to do to bring people fun, how to get them done, and who to help him.

People who got Gryffindor:
Gotenks: ...He is brave. Not that I know if he is in real life, but on Neo he's always been brave to step up and help everyone. Another trait I associate with Gryff's and Gotenks both is noble-ness but not in a mightier-than-thou way. It's awe inspiring.

People who got Slytherin:
James: ...Well first of all I'll be honest and say the color green. But James has always been resourceful and ambitious too, so he fits in well. Besides he's awesome and SLytherin's are awesome so it works.

People who got the master race- I mean Hufflepuff:
Shiny: He's always been a good and kind leader, helping everyone and being nice. And funny which is a unofficial trait of Hufflepuffs. He's great.
Fawful: While he could have easily been Ravenclaw because holy cow is this guy smart, I agree with Hufflepuff too. Since while he is smart he's never been like, mean-smart if that makes sense. He's always been pleasant and helpful.
Squiggle and Eiche: Both helpful and down to earth folks, always willing to lend a hand.

It's just, man I don't know, hogwarts houses are important to me okay
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Jul 16, 13 9:41pm

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Mar 27, 13 6:27pm

Psh, did not. Y'all cray.


I'm "Cleaning" my profile up so I'm putting my old quotes here, incase anyone ever wanted to see them.

(Cute video game themed love poem)

I'd defeat a thousand bosses to lay next to you, and I'd defeat a thousand more if I needed to.
I know that I love Pokemon,
And I like Metroid too,
Please be my Princess Zelda ‘cos
I’d run through the Mushroom Kingdom to you.
To me you’re like a power up,
My own invincibility star
I’d make a bridge from Tetris blocks
To get to where you are.
You’re in first,
I’m at the back
So I’ll jump on this blue shell.
I’d ride on Ridley
Or Dragonite
Anything to escape this hell.
I only have one life left,
The final round,
I’m down to just my Snover.
You send out a Charizard
Please don’t let this be

By someone
(About the comicers in PokeFiction, 2012)

There once was the Golden Three
Their comics were the best they could be

First there was funny little old DDD2
Who still makes comics, but not blarg, boo hoo.

Then Shiny came to the comicers' den
And nothing was ever the same again

Last but not least, w111j
Who just disappeared one day

Their was others, though just not as famous
The Silver Trio were the ones who motivated us

neffoneR could always be seen
with his battle effects that were super keen

There was also Denny the Fisher
Who was an inconsistent little mister

Finally, there was the amazing Fawful
Who's gracefully skills where far from awful

The new guys came next
giving comics a new mix

Hmszelda comes in from time to time
Calling others to her comics with a chime

Pheonyx is still going strong
She's come really far along

Vast was always the big boss man
Flippin out issues like waffles in a pan

We cannot forgot those from the past
They came and went, pretty fast

Zeezow had a good skill for it
But he thought his comic didn't fit

N64 and MegaBassMan
Got out of here as quick as they can

Hearts was brilliant, but just sorta stopped
We should drag him back and give him a bop

XigbarII02 will be back one day
Or at least that's what he says

Team Hydro Aura came flying by
Her comics set the bar so high

Young or Old
Silver or Gold
We all have something great in common
We all love this wonderful thing called "comic"

By me!

I had Jeevs' poem from Christmas, battles, 2011 but the site wouldn't let me post it. ;c

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Feb 26, 13 4:58pm

Tuesday, Tuesday, gotta post a blog on Tuesday!

Well, since I did a blog about my favorite game/forum, I'll make this one all about different forums. And Thursdays about games. :D

Forums I am new in:
It's still a small community, but this game really does look interesting.
We are all speculating away, so join us maybe? ;)

Basically the same as Dream Team...
But there is one difference...
This one has golf.

Forums I am "old" in:
The perfect combination of writing and roleplaying, this welcoming group is always looking for new members to duel with!

Like pokemon? Trading, battling, talking?
So do we! So come join a clan, we all like new guys, I swear!

Like writing? Like roleplaying? Like blogging? Like comicing?*
Want to let others see your work and get feedback? Everyone here loves to be entertained, by all skill levels!
*about pokemon

Forums I am a "middle man" in:
Whether it be a general question, wanting a read, or wanting someone to read your work, this is your place!
Writer's are welcome!

The LoL forum is for everything from discussion, to asking for matches/due partners, to bragging!
With a vast amount of things to do, it's hard to be bored there.

My special forum:
I know I made a whole post about it but, this is such a nice forum!
The mod doesn't even bite!
With the game fast approaching, it is your source for the news and speculation, and soon for Q&A and match making!
Stop by today!
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Feb 24, 13 11:48am

That's right! It is never too soon, since LM:DM is coming out in under four weeks! Before you know it, this game will be out. Here are a few things to expect!
  • Luigi to be the main protagonist again, as long as E. Gadd returning!
  • The Poltergust 5000 (which is an upgrade from the Poltergust 3000) will be used to suck up ghosts, as well has use a strobe light to stun them before you can nab them.
  • To feature three different online multiplayer minigames.
  • To have presumably 5 mansions.
  • Some ghost can use items or sunglasses to block your strobe light.
  • One of the mansions is the "Clock Work Mansion", bet you cant guess what it's theme is.
  • Game play is about the same as the original.
And much more!

The game starts out with E. Gadd and the ghost living peacefully together, but when King Boo uses his evil powers to destroy the "dark moon", the ghost suddenly turn violent! Luigi is summoned, and only he can collect the pieces of the dark moon to return the ghost to their kind state.

So what are you waiting for? Go and preorder this today, fun for all ages and all people!
And join us in the forum today! We are always looking for others to speculate with.

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Feb 21, 13 2:10pm

Ahaha, it is Thursday yet again! Comment if you read these things. ;P

I like to think I am a simple girl, who likes the little things. Texting me first, a good morning/night text, making me a card, notifying me in thread you think I'd like, showing me songs/games, teaching me, ect. Just messaging me back, and paying attention to me. I don't know if you guys realize this, but talking to people can really make my day, and I just want to thank everyone who replies to my PMs/texts. <33

And, because that was too short, this is what I'm scared of! C:
In no real order...
1) My bicycle. No really. that red metal death trap scares me, it crashed me into a mailbox! D:
2) Caterpillars. Don't ask, those little devils are terrifying. ;-;
3) A murder hiding in the dark. Reasonable fear!
4) Being rejected. >>>>:

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Feb 18, 13 2:16pm

Now, I know it isn't Tues/Thurs or even a weekend but hey, it's my blog. And I may not update tomorrow.

Anyway, being on this site for nearly... 2 1/2 years, I think, I have made quite a few friends. And with most of my friends, I can link them to a song. Whether it be the lyrics represent them to me, they showed me the song, or a simply just listened to it while talking to them.

WillowJade (Jessamine)
I think Space Bound, by that rapper dude. Enimine or something. XD You showed me that song... shoot, has to be 2 years ago now, and it has stuck ever since.

Jeremy (Skyexplorer)
Two songs come to mind, actually. Jar of Hearts, since you used to like that song. And Best Days of Your Life - Kellie Pickler.
Also, occasionally Stacy's Mom. XD

James (Vast)
I remember asking you what your favorite song was, and you said you didn't know. But while we were talking I was listening of 50 Ways to Say Goodbye. xDD Nice song to be remembered by.
Special mention to Squirrel In My Pants by P&F. Don't ask.

Badar (MegaBassMan)
The song that you have recommended to be and several occasions, She is - The Fray. It is a kinda special song to me, thanks for showing it to me~
Of course, 99% of all music I listen to, you made me listen to at the start, but that song beats the rest. x)

Beth (Zaikyu)
Welcome To My Life, by Simple Plan. I don't know if you remember, but you linked me to this song months ago, and it has helped me out a bit since then, so thanks. <3

Logan (Logcar)
Sunshine on my Shoulder, for some reason. C: Yeah that's it. You big, sunshiney guy<3 You linked it to me once when I was sad.

Jason (Chaos Team)
Of course, it's Don't Worry, Be Happy! Because that's what you should do, not worry, and be happy. :3

Olivia (Team Hydro Aura)
Viva la Vida, duh. You're one kewl cat, cha know. That song is amazing, and I love it, Oliviva. <:

Griffindor (Griffsports)
I remember you linking me to My Hearts a Stereo one day, and I feel in love with it. It actually brought my cousin and I together, for now we had a song in common. c:

I'm probably missing some, and I am aware that no one on the list is likely to ever see this, but you guys mean a lot to me, enough to have your own personal theme song. x)

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Feb 14, 13 3:57pm

First, a shout out to Vast for being my Valentine. <3
And a "i'm sorry" for being a terrible Valentine last year. :>

This Valentines day, I didn't do anything, actually. I listened to The Offspring, played Conquest, and did Homework.

What I wanted to happen? The guy I liked to ask me. Did that happen? Not really! :D (But, in retrospect, Vast is probably a much more awesomer Valentine.)

But, I did make some good friends of mine Valentines. :3

Over the years, I've had a few relationships like many kids in my age. Though, they've all been long distance. I've never had anyone who could actually just hold my hand. And the odd part is? I don't actually mind. Some of the girls I know are always complaining when the don't have a boyfriend. And usually, it's a different guy every 3 weeks. I'd rather have 1 guy miles away for a while then a bunch of guys minutes away for a few weeks.

I really don't know where I am going with this, but is it Thursday. and Valentines day.

Happy V-day/Foreveralone day/watchingthatcrushfromafar day everyone, and may you have a lucky day today. Love is in the air!

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Feb 12, 13 4:48pm

Since I am trying to stay away from most things online for the next 47 days, I decided I shall blog my thoughts, yay!
I don't know which days, but probably Tuesday/Thursday/Theoddweekend.
The only reason I'm telling you this is to see if I remember how to post one of these. ._.

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Nov 30, 11 9:04pm

Howdy there! Whats your name, age, gender, and location?

As I'm sure you've guessed from my username, my name is Steven. I'm a 15 year old boy from Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Wow what's it like being 15?

Like being 12, but you're 3 years older.

Nowai o:

Anyway, how's your lovelife going?

Pretty good. I'm happily together with Neon Rainbow , and have been for 11 months as of Monday. <3; We've had our bad moments, but it's all good.

Oh what kind of bad moments?

Let's not go there.

Fair enough >_>

What’s your favorite forum on this lovely website?

If PMs don't count, Pokémon Clans :3

Thats a swell forum~!
What clan are you in?

Chroma Sentinels and Chaotic Flygons. I'm a co-leader in both. Am also going to join the Molted Hoodlums when Mewtwo45 makes the thread D:<

Those are arty clan right? So you like art?

Yeah, I guess. I do sprites and comics more than I battle, anyway. What originally got me to TSC was Agent C along me join, then a good friend of mine called Jay (I wonder who that is :salty:) started TCF and I joined that as well.

Jay sounds really awesome, 8D
She’s your neosis, right?
So you like comics, whats your favorite on pokefiction?

Yeah, she is, to both things.

That Pokémon Purple's pretty cool. I also like Shiny's side comic, Pokémon - A Threat To Humanity.

Speaking of pokemon, I heard through the grapevine that you have some, who are they?

Well, there's Derek, my Spamurott.


And then there's Hydreigon, who doesn't have a nickname because she's cool like that.


We've talked a lot about neoseeker, but what do you do when you not on neoseeker?

Eat, sleep, go to school, do homework. Most of the rest of my time is spent on here :_oops:

How do you do in said school?

You really don't know what you're letting yourself in for here. He's on pretty much straight A*s, except for a couple of subjects, which is like your A+, and he will gladly tell you all about how great he is at everything.

Ssh, Derek :P

Well, smarty mcsmart, I have run out of questions, but my good friend Jessamine has an interesting question...
Erm sh-she wants to know if your gay -.-
Her question, not mine.

quote Steven
I'm happily together with Neon Rainbow,
Does this answer your question? :P

Zeezow says:
Steven, if you could visit one country in the world, what would it be?

Steven, what's one wish you really want? this wish must not be related to Melanie in any way tough.

Steven, when and how did you get the idea about letting Derek/Hydreigon talk? :_oops:

Germany. With Melanie. She knows why :salty:

I have no idea, TBH. I want a new computer with TF2 though :<

I've tried to stop them, but they just keep talking :( I was just posting one day and Derek came over like "LOL I'MMA TYPE", and he agreed to do his parts in blue so it's easy to distinguish. Then Hydreigon started doing it too.

... Now I wanna know why >:

Any final statements?


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Nov 21, 11 6:27pm

Hello thur!
Let us start this simple; Name? age? gender? where do you live?

Hullo thurr, friend.
My name's Willow-Jade, I'm thirteen years old, I'm a GIRL (>_>), and I'm from Manhattan, New York. ;D

Coolio! Hows it like living in Manhattan?

It's cool, I guess! I wouldn't really wanna live anywhere else. Maybe to another city, but not any place in suburbia. No. Way.
Still recovering from cultural shock from my last visit to Long Island. .____.

lol what happened in Long Islands? xD

You... You have no idea. xD
Everything's soo different. EVERYTHING. O___O x3
Okay, fine, it's not THAT different. But my brother has two houses there, and I met his at-the-time girlfriend's little sister.
This twelve year old looked like she just walked out of a strip club. And she was working as one of the strippers. -___-

wait why does your brother have two houses?

Because he has money, and they were really nice houses in really nice areas. x3

Lucky him D:
I'd ask where he got the money but this interview is about youz, so-
how many sibling do you have and who are they?

Well, if you were to ask me that, I would only say that he owned something that has to do with music, but it's a bit personal, so that's all you would get anyway. xD But you didn't ask me, so... ;D

I have three older brothers, Colton, Payton, and Troy. ;D

ouch, the only girl, hows it like living with three boys?

It's okay! I actually don't mind it. I love my brothers! ;D Not like they torture me or anything, but maybe that comes with Colton and Payton being a lot older than me or something?
All I know is that whenever Colton or Payton is over and Troy is getting on my nerves, Troy gets in a headlock and I get free punches at him. ;D x3

Lucky duck, I never get to punch my bro D:
So whos your fav/least fav brother?

That's a tough one to answer.
It's a tie between all three of them. xD
But I guess if I had to pick one to be my favorite, it'd be... either Colton or Troy. xD Fine, Colton. With Troy and Payton coming close in second.
I don't know which one would be my least though. 3:

Asking hard question eh?
whats the deal with your love life?

My love life?
It's on fire.

...Thats all your telling neopeeps?

Yep, pretty much. xD

...ok then x3
Hows school? passing? failing? barely getting bye?

Failing, passing, and barely getting by.
I think it's fair to say that my teachers are insane, though. xD

insane? how?

Well, my social studies teacher is the insane one, really. >_> I can't sing without getting a freakin' lunch detention pass.
He's funny, though, but only when you mess around with him, and he's not even trying to be funny. His name is Mr. Boehner. -____-

All of my teachers are just insane, I can't describe it. *facepalm*

I had a yo-yo, and Mr. Boehner took it away, and never gave it back.

poor you, having him as a teacher 3:
Well that just about raps it up, any final statments?

Does it have to be a nice statement?

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Oct 5, 11 9:36pm

So today is wednesday, the worst damn day of the week -.-
The dreaded day of volleyball practice, IT WAS SO MENTALY RETARDED >:# I miss coach Chris (my old coach)
He put all nine, NINE, of us on one side of the court then started chucking balls at us! About three where bounceing around us at a time!
The girl who was behind me, Tanya or something, kept SHOUTING AT ME TO HIT THE DAMN BALL, every time I would try she screamed "Mine!" so I'd back off and if she missed she's would yell at me since I didn't hit it, BUT SHE HAD CALLED IT! Now if she was smaller then me then I would try to hit some of those balls, but she's HUUUUUGE, she'd plow me over without a second thought!
After that we played three on six and everyone, every single person, got to sever the ball, BUT ME (and my friend Maggie, but she had hurt her hand)
I swear that damn coach hates me! Might be since I sever better in practice then I do in games, but hey everyones not stareing at you during practice! But just as well, since a hate his bloody guts >_>
Anyway my good(ish) grades :D
For missing a whole week of school (beach) I did pretty good :D
I got 64/75 in computer
Five 100% and a 110% in Writing and Lit
A "Good job!" and something 'bout respecting others and doing good in group works as well as being quite in science
*Art teacher forgot the report cards at home*
And a few 100% and a 110% in hitory (I drew through the whole class xD)
Hell yeah, I have brain power!
Finaly, my awesome battleing mentor Griffsports brought me to smogon to teach me, it's so scary there *grabs hold of neosever* I like it there better, 3:
But since I only talked to him it wasn't that bad xD
Forgettting the three projects due tomorrow, that haven't been started- Jay

Hmszelda blogged
Oct 2, 11 9:10am

Well Griffsports told me to make a blog, but since I'm still in my bed (It's so cold D:) I haven't done much x3
Only been on neoseeker so..... xD
I had 4 notifications, not bad really since I was on last night at 10. One of those was a new issue of a pokefiction comic, Paul the Jerk (Is it just me or do they look differant now?)
Another was an update on the leaders/co-leaders in the pokemon clans (Diamond) (A few days ago I was promoted in Chroma Sentinels so now I'm co-leader)
I had 7 PM's, two where from my friend EA askin for a battle (that girl can CC better then me D:)
aaaaaaaand I posted in Chaotic Flygons
Thats all really Dx
Oh yeah, I battled EA and Hearts on PO.... also think I might be getting a cold....
yeah all that in the last two hours xD
Spamming double team on PO- Jay

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