Apr 20, 16 12:25pm
join the ndl
Hmszelda shared a forum thread
Mar 7, 16 11:37am

I'm so ready for conquest to be over. I miss my ability to grind. :( This is the chapter with the older sister and all

Hmszelda shared a forum thread
Mar 1, 16 6:50pm

Goal: Get everyone out alive Actual outcome:

haalyle Hmszelda
Feb 10, 16 5:38am
Hey! Long time, no talk! How are you going, my friend?! ^_^
Jan 31, 16 11:46am
Thanks for the Bday wishes the other day!
Oct 14, 15 6:48am
Good luck to everyone (including me) that's taking the PSAT today!
Hmszelda shared a link
Oct 6, 15 7:19pm

Oct 4, 15 4:51pm
My friend IRL said "CITH is the best anime" and I thought that was a stupid thing Vast & co came up with noo
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Sep 26, 15 4:34pm

Julzy Hmszelda
Sep 8, 15 3:51am
I could never forget you, you were one of my favorite, most bestest friends! Let's get back in touch, okay? Skype me! (I PM'd you!) :3 ♥
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Sep 7, 15 2:03pm

Sep 6, 15 11:19pm
Going through and seeing your posts from 2011 is a special kind of hell.
Sep 4, 15 9:12pm
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Aug 21, 15 1:02pm

I enjoy quizzes too much Everything changed the day th

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Aug 21, 15 12:51pm

"The whats?" Basically the opposite of the Seven Deadly Sins. "What are they?" Chastity, Abstine

Hmszelda shared a forum thread
Aug 20, 15 3:27pm

and by that I mean Christmas is in 4 months so I'm getting my list ready, and wanted to put a FF game on it. There'

Aug 20, 15 12:31pm
Congrats Danisnotonfire for 5mil subs!
Aug 19, 15 4:24pm
"I find it odd that the local Jayhovah's Witness doesn't bat down on my door asking me if I have a moment to talk about Neo Dualism."
Vast Hmszelda
Aug 9, 15 10:17pm


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