Gothic_Seductress HilaryDuffGta
May 20, 10 3:12pm
Thanks for the GB signing. Nice to see people still actually doing it. =)
So to return the favor:

See you around the forums. =)
SquallyBalambGirl HilaryDuffGta
Dec 25, 08 6:42am

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas
Zeek HilaryDuffGta
Dec 24, 08 7:34pm
Happy Holidays!

FantasyGirl4 HilaryDuffGta
Dec 16, 08 1:29am
Sorry I don't have a stamp either. Thanks for signing though! And yea, I've been around since 2003 just not as often as I'd like, had a lot of computer problems through the years, ha ha. See ya around.
iCeltic HilaryDuffGta
May 13, 08 9:31pm

signed your guestbook-just as you sig told me to
Seems as though you really love Hillary duff
Whatever works for you
dropaheart HilaryDuffGta
Feb 2, 08 1:12am
So what if it's two weeks away happy Valentines but mostly I'm showing off this hottness: :]

I know you hate Naruto sorry : P
Thanks for being my newest friend! I hope I get to know you better.

peace! :]
SquallyBalambGirl HilaryDuffGta
Dec 25, 07 11:15pm

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year, Duffy!!
wwemarvelfan HilaryDuffGta
Sep 28, 07 9:36pm
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook. Really apreciate it. Sorry it took so long for me to sing back, probably thought I was some egotistical douche bag huh? Well, here's a stamp.

PM me whenever you feel like it.
Mysterious Illusion HilaryDuffGta
Sep 24, 07 11:00pm
As far as I know a stamp is those little things you put on envelopes. Oh, I know it's also a way of authorising something. Well when I figure out how to add a stamp I'll try and acknowledge your ablity to rock heh enjoy your day whatever day it is.
almostfamousgrl HilaryDuffGta
Aug 30, 07 5:30am

Thanks for the stamp. Here's mine. Send me a shoutout if you wanna chat sometime.
S v R 2010 HilaryDuffGta
Aug 7, 07 6:00pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook.

I said il sign back, so here you go.

Hope you like Hip-Hop
SquallyBalambGirl HilaryDuffGta
Jul 23, 07 2:27am
Thanks for signing my guestbook Duffy! What a beautiful poem... it has certainly sent tears to my eyes... oh wait, its supposed to make me smile? Ok, smile and tear... sounds like sth one would do when they're trying to look for a place to hide ... Anyway, nice to see you've decided to come to the ff8 forum. Here's a stamp for you. See you around!

Super Hero HilaryDuffGta
Jul 12, 07 8:54am
Thanks for the guestbook signage. Good to see a fellow HHH fan. I guess i'll see you around the forums.

Arcanium HilaryDuffGta
Jul 12, 07 12:40am
Here you go my fairly new stamp stamp. Enjoy .

Ville_Valo HilaryDuffGta
Jul 2, 07 2:32pm
You signed me, so I'm signing you. Thanks for the love man
"The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters"
Darn I'm cheap.
BluePhoenix HilaryDuffGta
Jul 1, 07 4:13pm

Well you signed my guestbook so have a stamp

if you wanna be neofriends pm me
LiveslikeBeth HilaryDuffGta
Dec 26, 06 12:30am
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you celebrate, have a good one!

Behold my awesome tree!*cough*NOT*cough*xD

Hope you get lots of candy and great presents!^-^
draconic_girl HilaryDuffGta
Aug 7, 06 12:53pm

I hope ya like the stamp. It's been forever since I last pm'd you.
gamer_girl22 HilaryDuffGta
Jun 17, 06 3:05pm
glad ur doing better. i still can't seem to message you... have you found a job yet and stuff? i hope so. but again, glad ur doing better

draconic_girl HilaryDuffGta
Apr 9, 06 3:47pm
Finally found out how you get to other people's guest books. Thought I'd sign yours beacause you were nice enough to sign mine, Thanks again:)
Cute Chao HilaryDuffGta
Mar 5, 06 10:54am
Haven't signed ure guestbook and you signed mine as Sephy so here you go

Hope you haven't got it. And don't say I don't evergive you anything, usually people get a load of chao instead.

Lotsa Luv,

Cute Chao
Don Patch HilaryDuffGta
Mar 4, 06 3:24pm
Hey, I remember ,when I used to always talk to you. That was great. How has the GTA:SA forum been? Good luck. Sign me back!

Don Patch
Miss Razz HilaryDuffGta
Feb 14, 06 10:05am
Hey there, Hot Stuff! I hope you had a great Valentines Day filled with love, flowers and big pink balloons!


vanillagigglez HilaryDuffGta
Feb 11, 06 1:00pm
Thought I'd return the favour, since you did stamp me

Orichaldagger HilaryDuffGta
Feb 10, 06 5:12pm
Just signing your book for ya since you signed mine. Hope to chat with you later, maybe talk about a game or two or whatever. Later.