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Aug 7, 09 5:23am
wants the PES2010 activity to pick up!
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Jul 31, 09 11:51pm
Best. Game. Ever! WinningElevenProEvolutionSoccer2007
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Jul 20, 09 3:00am

Thanks for the £25m, now *bleep* off!


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Jul 17, 09 12:24am

We bought you from Monaco for £3m, and you had one good season with us...

Now please just go so we can sell you for £20m+ and make a sexy little profit. Thank you and good riddance you greedy mofo!

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Jul 6, 09 8:56pm

I'll start off with a little announcement. It has been confirmed that Arsenal will play against Szombathelyi Haladas, in Hungary as part of their pre-season tour of Austria. The match will be played on the 27th July.

Arsenal will face Szombathelyi Haladas again on 27th July.

I went to this match last year and it was really quite extraordinary. The atmosphere generated by the Hungarians was impressive, yet really intimidating - A flare was thrown onto the pitch that nearly hit Theo Walcott. Aside from that, it was a really great experience.

It's a tad different from your traditional day out to football we get in England... And I mean 'different' in a good way. You can drink all you want in the stands, while also not having the risk of stewards telling you to sit down. You can have to sit down... As it is all terracing!

I never saw a game in 'the 80's', obviously, but I feel that this is the closest thing I'll get to it. So only 2 weeks away till I leave now and I'm really getting excited now!

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Jul 6, 09 7:26am

I'll make my list. Not sure on how long it will be but I'll try and remember as many of my suggestions as I can. There are quite a few.

Seabass - Will he and his team keep his promise that they
have listened to the fans such as myself for PES2010?

  • Ability to use 3rd kits. I can't see why this feature can't be included. It's simple, but would impress many fans.
  • You can change clubs in Master League mode. Since you are the 'manager', I feel that you should be able to have the chance to change clubs after the end of each season.
  • Improved AI. This covers many things but here are two; Goalkeepers must be improved. Also the CPU should 'pass it out' instead of hoofing it all the time. It just gets boring and repetitive defending the CPU's boring defensive tactics.
  • Edit stadium features in ML. I'd like to change the colour of the goalnets, corner flags and stadium seats. Also adding your clubs badge to these would be cool.
  • Improved/More ways of shooting. Holding 'RB' should be a controlled shot, which would be better than it is at the moment; All your shots are just pure power and don't focus on control.
  • Better atmosphere in finals/derbies. These big games must be different from your 'normal games'. The crowd should be louder and react to the referee decisions more.
  • No auto-tackles. These should be taken out completely. If you want to tackle someone, you can press the button yourself.
  • Ability to change your pitch size in ML. Limits should be set, although you should be able to change your pitch dimensions to match your teams style of play.
  • Better commentary. It's a shame that they have decided to keep Lawrenson, but at least improve what he says. Please no more embarrassing lines that make me want to play PES on mute.
  • Pre-season tournaments. Rather than playing friendlies, you should be able to host/join tournaments. It would be more enjoyable as you'll have something to play for.
  • Now 'Please Wait A Moment' loading screens on Master League. They're annoying. Get rid of them!
  • Players dribbling/speed abilities actually mean something. For example, the CPU can control G. Neville and catch up with Messi. Also, when I turn with Messi, the CPU reads it strait away and I have to pass it to get away.
  • More teams/leagues. Licensed or not, I don't mind. I'd accept having the 'German League' instead of the Bundesliga. At least we would have players, and editing the teams/players would be easier than having to make the teams from scratch.
  • Better crowd. I'm talking about a visual and audio sense. The home crowd should react more to referee's decisions. While 'boos' should be heard more often, but only at appropriate times. Official chants should be implemented too - If not, then 'neutral' chants should be put in.
  • Advertising boards. Konami should contact major companies to offer them and offer them a place on the PES advertising boards in-game.
  • Different types of corner kicks. If you press 'RB', the ball should be a 'controlled' cross, and if you press 'LB', the ball should be lofted up high. If you press 'RT', the cross should be a powerful but aimed at head head. Etc.
  • Goalkeeper kicks to have a 'power bar'. Same with penalties although that has already been as a confirmed change.
  • More preset faces in the game. This includes young players at big teams, and players who play for less-known clubs. All major teams should have 100% preset faces for all their players.
  • Fix the ML loan glitch. Seriously, I've just signed Messi, Kaka, Benzema, Puyol, Yaya Toure and Xavi for only 51P. I know it's good if you want your team full of superstars but it makes your ML mode unrealistic and that shouldn't happen.
  • More stadiums. We already know that Anfield is in the game, but I'd like to see more 'big stadiums. I would love Old Trafford, Emirates, Stamford Bridge to name a few. Although I highly doubt that these 3 will be included.
  • Better Menu Music. I can't stand some of the songs that are played on PES2009. With this and the shite commentary in mind, I sometimes play the game on mute. Real songs, real artists please.
  • A method of uploading your replays onto the internet, possible a site on the Konami servers. Then have the ability to download them from that source, and then have them on your PC - Then making PES videos will be easier/cheaper.
  • Snow. PES2009 has rain, so why not snow. It would make the game more realistic, and more fun in a way. In another sense, it would also be more challenging too. Also getting the 'orange ball' back would be awesome.
  • Replays to 'zoom out' more. The replays on PES2009 are way too zoomed in and you can't see the ball, and worse, you can't tell if it was a foul or not.
  • Get rid of the 'thud' when players pass the ball. When the commentator isn't talking, those constant noises can get really annoying. Don't make passing silent, but just make it more subtle than it currently is.
  • More online game modes. I only want this if the PES-lag is taken care of. Again I don't like complimenting FIFA, but I feel that PES should adopt some of their game modes to attract more online players.
  • Crowd, part 2. When playing certain teams, a particular atmosphere should be given. Two exmaples would be playing South Africa and some Eastern European side, lets say Dinamo Zagreb. Horns should be heard, as well as the fans appearing intimidating. Eg. Jumping up and down, 'men with microphones' and the crowd repeating that certain chant, etc.
  • Better lighting of the grass, and stadium shadows. The grass colours/texture should be improved. And the shadows created by the stadium shouldn't put the gamers off when playing.
I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment. :)

xbox 360
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Jul 3, 09 2:55am

Just a quick post tonight. A big thanks to everyone who has made this possible, especially EricF for being my 10K buddy. I love you man!

I've made 10,000 official posts on Neoseeker forums now. Check out the 10K here!

... Maybe I should leave Neo and get a life?

Well, that will do me. I'm off out now to try and find a life. Thanks guys!

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Jul 2, 09 3:10am

My cousin has his own blog, Tequila Induced Thoughts. I read it daily now because he talks about things that interest me - Pro Evolution Soccer, Football and his interesting thoughts. I never thought I'd enjoy spending time concentrating about someone elses life, but unlike those who watch Big Brother, I do. :P
I've had a pretty good week so far. Until today, it's just been the usual with the normal routine, sixth form in the day and the combination of Facebook, TV, Xbox and Neoseeker in the evening... What an interesting life I live!

However, I went to the beach for a bit part of the day. I'm sure some of you Southerners would have heard of it, but I went to West Wittering, West Sussex which is a really good place to go to in the Summer. The weather was good today which was great as I caught the sun for a good 6 hours or so. Let's hope I can achieve my target at the end of the summer and I get such a sexy tan, that I get called Mediterranean Mike when I return to begin my A2 courses in September.

Speaking of September, I'll be 18 then. Don't forget it. A small part of me feels that an adult shouldn't post on Neoseeker, a website that seems to be filled with children now (maybe it's just me getting older?) but a bigger part of me is still loving my time here. After 3 years of Neo, I'm still enjoying posting and I hope that this statement is valid until the time comes when/if Neoseeker becomes boring.

Anyways, I better wrap it up now. I'm sorry about this relatively boring post. I hope my next one can be a tad more interesting.

Highbury Highs blogged
Jun 5, 09 6:30am

My first, and most likely only blog post on Neoseeker, but here it goes. It's been nearly three years now since I first signed up to Neoseeker now, and it has only been recently that I have realised how I've been here such a long time. So I feel I should make at least one blog entry. :)

I've had my ups and downs through the years but now feel that I have become a well respected member on the forums I post in. This is something I always wanted, but never thought it would happen because how 'noobish' I was when I first started posting.

I posted amateur comments that the more experienced/older members didn't like. And to be honest, I got some much deserved stick from a few of the more serious Neo members. Sadly then, I was younger and was far from mature so I just posted to try and provoke a reaction from the members who were having a go at me. I can look back and laugh at it now, but I must have been a nightmare for most people back then.

But gradually, I matured and started to have my own group of friends on Neo - Most of which I still speak to today either on the forums or MSN. A part of me thinks it a bit sad to have 'online friends' but I realise now that they are a part of my life. Of Course the chances of me meeting someone from Neoseeker are more than slim - near impossible, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy talking to them online.
I've met some awesome people and if I were a millionaire, I'd buy plane tickets so I could see them. But sadly that isn't the case. But speaking to them online will do me. I won't mention any names as I would just leave people out. But thanks to these people, I am rarely bored. In the day, I get on with my normal life but when I'm on the laptop and have an evening spare, I can log onto Neo/MSN and speak to my friends.

In a way, speaking to your 'E-friends' is sometimes better than speaking to your real life mates, especially when you are discussing problems that you don't really want to be spread around. You feel safe and you don't have to lie. Long story short, I've had many conversations to people I've met through here that have really helped me - And I know that some people will say the same about me. It's a real uplifting feeling.

And to think... 3 years ago this August, I signed up to Neoseeker with NO intention of making any impact on here, let alone making friends. But now as I approach 10,000 posts (which I still can't get my head round - How can I talk so much shite?), I have met people on here that will have a place in my heart forever. And will continue to post on here until I feel it's the right time to leave... Whenever that will be.

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