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Excellent/Best shooter for Xbox360. CallOfDutyModernWarfare2 X360
AMAZING game, good plot, graphics, weapons, this game's got it all for a shooter. ResidentEvil5 X360
Excellent shooter, great plot. Halo PC
Excellent shooter, great plot, but too short. Halo2 Xbox
Excellent shooter, great plot, but redundant. Started to feel like call of duty and not halo. Halo3 X360
Sad excuse for a halo game. HaloWars X360
shouldn't even be considered part of the halo series. Halo3ODST X360
Awesome game for kids, horrible views for multiplayer. LegoStarWars PC
Even better then the first one, but still irritating multiplayer views. LEGOStarWars2TheOriginalTrilogy DS
Excellent shooter, but controls are somewhat irritating and multiplayer could have been better. JamesBond007NightFire PC
Pretty good stress releiver, "ok" game. MinorityReport GC
Awesome racer, but unrealistic difficulty in some challenges. ProjectGothamRacing Xbox
Excellent game, free plot, great adventure, but sometimes horrible glitches. PiratesOfTheCaribbean PC

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