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high times
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hi! i see you in the pets forum quite i decide il come sign your guestbook..and i like nascars too
hey, sign mine sometime!

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I see that you take a lot of abuse in the AW2 fourms, but I'm alwyas on your side of the argument because there's just something about you I like. Meh. I see you like outlaw star, awesome. Not as good as cowboy bebop. Good work at AW. Keep it up.
Hey, you signed my guestbook, so I'll sign yours back. Hiei is the best off of Yuyu Hakusho. And that was a great thread, a real funny day. Here is a stamp to remind you of it.


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Well thought I'd just sign some thin'. I just got subscibed and set up two new threads. if you ever find the time can you sign my questbook.

You signed my guest book.....But actually I just sign anything in front of my eyes...Well but anyway,Tancku for signing my guest book!(^-^)

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Hi Hiei, I've seen you a lot. I figured I'd take a minute from my laziness to sign this. Write to ya in the forums!

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hey man! I must sign your guestbook because its tha law! Hi. Just had to say that.Hoe to talk to you again soon! seeya

Stamped with love! Amor Omniam Vincit.


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it's me... just wanted to tell you how happy i am that i met you!!! neoseeker is da best! lol. and ummm i saw you signed my guestbook so i had to do it for you too! alrighty well i'm off!
P.S. i'm bulma your vegeta... u know what happens between the two?
i was just surfin and saw ur interests, much like mine (and about 2 billion ther people) and thought i might sign this. do you happen to know what escaflwone is? its the best anime (besides DBZ) but they took it off the air:( oh well, i still have the almight NET!! heh heh, well.....thought i might just end this, AUF WEIDERSEHEN