Kilik 64 Hero of Wind
Jun 5, 07 11:19am
Alright! Summer is here at last! I hope you great one. See ya later!

I'm bored so I'm just signing random peoples guestbooks

sign back if you want
Kilik 64 Hero of Wind
Feb 25, 07 8:20pm
Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Xemnas the Superior Hero of Wind
Jan 28, 07 10:48am
lets patch things up. thanks for letting me continue the story. even if it ment me annoying the piss out of you!
Fluidity Hero of Wind
Sep 3, 06 7:40am
I saw it was your birthday and everyone deserves a birthday signing whether I know them or not. So uh, here. =P

Zero and X Hero of Wind
Jun 30, 06 1:17am
just though id drop in, sign your guestbook, ya know all that good stuff.

Nintendog King12 Hero of Wind
Jun 24, 06 1:31am
hey HoW! good work on your RP. Hope more will join since you and me are the only ones. Well come check out my RP if you have time. It is Fire Emblem: Claws of Darkness. PM me if you want to join it.

I would give you a stamp but still trying to find out how.

Well here is your signing. Sign me back. Bye man!
Ghettomusick Hero of Wind
Jun 13, 06 2:58am
Joey! Did you make your new avatar with GIMP. Well it looks cool either way. And those Youtube videos of yours kickxass! I made a new stamp! Like OMG! Well, I was gunna use it as a banner but it wouldn't fit. It's really Kakashi and Iruka! xD

Fluidity Hero of Wind
Jun 11, 06 2:22am
Saw you in the forum, so here's my stamp.

Fluidity Hero of Wind
Jun 11, 06 2:22am
Saw you in the forum, so here's my stamp.

greedyfodder Hero of Wind
Jun 4, 06 4:08pm

StAmP bAcK, or ElSe ClOuD WiLL hAte YoU
Kilik 64 Hero of Wind
May 26, 06 3:51pm
Yeah! Summer Vacation's here! Woohoo! No more school! No more school!

burner92 Hero of Wind
May 22, 06 9:34am
ya i know you hate star wars but here you go...
no deal with it!!!!!
Rock3r_4_Life Hero of Wind
May 16, 06 7:26am
Anime is weird... So very weird... weird... weird... weird... weird... weird... weird... weird... weird... weird... weird... weird... weird... weird...
Except for full metal alchemist its cool
Rock3r_4_Life Hero of Wind
May 16, 06 7:12am
que pasa hombre. so i have to fill 125 letters so im writiing this useless sentence hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
jimcripple Hero of Wind
Apr 18, 06 2:56am
just saying hello.
and if you know any good manga, tell me.

black ied peas Hero of Wind
Apr 10, 06 3:44am
Oh i hope im in yours and Dominics tennis class cause brian and I always get stuck with like the third graders:( Anyway, I made a new stamp so here it is...

ssbm freak Hero of Wind
Apr 6, 06 8:17am
Havn't seen you for awhile then suddenly you pop up in that RP xD
i offered you a sprite if you want me to make it i can make mugs and battle sprites and attempt map sprites(stupid size 4 paint pixels)
Machiko Shima Hero of Wind
Mar 30, 06 4:47am
Ahh, get rid of that dumbass Sara Dengler picture! As much as Brian wants her for president, she can't because she's a *bleep*ing cazzo! XD
Ghettomusick Hero of Wind
Mar 20, 06 3:58am
I hope you feel better! Here's a pic of the Naruto pairing Hinata x Shino. ^__^

Zero and X Hero of Wind
Mar 14, 06 8:29am
hey there HoW, thx for signing me guestbook, I really dont have a stamp, so I cant really call this a guestbook sign since its really *bleep*ing cheap, and you gave me that awesome stamp of FF7 that pwns and what do I do? Write this stupid shit, know why!?........actually I dont know why, oh well there ya go hope you enjoy.
sincerly Zero and X
hyperion45 Hero of Wind
Mar 10, 06 6:40pm
HoW are you goin just signin cos i saw you in the ToS forum so thought i'd sign and stampify you

there it is hope you lika nd if you want a stamp pm and i will be happy too make one for u
D2Killerz Hero of Wind
Mar 4, 06 10:15am
Thanks for signing my guestbook so I decided to sign yours.*Sniffs* I still don't know how to stamp pictures. Oh well have a nice day or whatever.
Ghettomusick Hero of Wind
Feb 21, 06 8:39am
Random guesbook signing.... for you!!!!!!!!!

Ghettomusick Hero of Wind
Feb 13, 06 6:48am
This will be me in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!