I am an eleven year old old English kid girl. I like cats a lot and the sims are my favourite computer programs. I spend at least six hours a day on the computer and I like to play around with things. I like pizza AND LOVE MEW MEW POWER!


I like to play on the Sims Two and my expansion pack is the Sims Two Family Fun Stuff. Shortly I am going to get the Sims Two University, which sounds really brilliant as far as many people tell me.
I like to exercise for two hours reading books. I am very interested in technology and chemistry, though computing and pet care are my favourite hobbies.


My reading age is 18. My spelling age is 14. My real age is 11. Nobody helps me write things like this. My attention span is---oooh, hi Nanook! He's seven months old, three feet tall, and an alaskan malamute.
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