Work till 5PM, play BF2 till 7.30PM and then watch tv till 11.30PM
Work till 5PM, play BF2 till 7.30PM and then watch tv till 11.30PM
In the beginning I liked this game and was playing it for more then 24 ours. But after the second mission I stopped. CSIDarkMotives PC
A really funny game:) But you get bored in it very fast! NintendogsLabradorandFriends DS
Have played this game a lot to, but now stopped a bit. Great game thought. PokemonFireRed GBA
Played this game till the end and still have the game, restarting it each time I wanna play it again:) PokemonDiamond DS
Best Pokémon game till them:) Loved it, did a lot with it, still need to finish it, just great:) PokemonPlatinumVersion DS
The first building game I've ever had:) It was great:D RollerCoasterTycoon PC
The second building game I've had, also great:) RollerCoasterTycoon2 PC
Did played this game for a whole, but it was broken way to fast. WorldRallyChampionship PS2
PS2 version sucks! But it looks nice:D NeedForSpeedCarbon PS3
I love pets:) So I had to have this awesome game:D TheSims2Pets DS
Awesome cars it got:) For the rest nothing special:O TheSims2Nightlife PC
The best building game ever build, till it crashed constantly on my new PC:S SimCity4Deluxe PC
I don't know what people hate so much about this game, besides the zoom mode and the "getting bored fast" mode. For the rest it is an... SimCitySocieties PC
Awesome City Building game! Only to basic! CityLife PC
There is no XBOX version available of this game:S So it's here because I own the PC version:D What is an awesome game, even if it's... Battlefield1942 PC

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