I am currently 14 years old was born in ft. polk louisiana, and am about to move from minnesota to texas... of course half of my life was already in texas... some time was germany, and only 3 years in minnesota.

i do have the slightest texas accent but it rarely shows itself... *looks around in a shifty way*

I usually dont give my trust to people unless they have made an effort to talk to me and/or to try and be a friend... but there are a few exceptions... XD

i LOVE going to conventions for anime and videogames... i might even get an artists alley table at oni-con this year!

my sense of style is what you would call weird... i usually do not wear skirts but when i do people are suprised that my legs are even paler than i normally am... usually i wear jeans and a tee shirt and one of the few really girly things about me is that i have an obsession for bracelets!!!

I could tell you more about me but... im even lazyer than a sloth...


favorite things ever:
anime and manga
the GazettE
jrock in general
even some jpop
ART though drawing is the only skill that i have in that area and it could still use quite a bit of improvement.


I'm Spaztical!!
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