Would I be wasting my time with SR trying to get shiny Torchic/Celebi/Scissor/Garchomp/Pinsir/Heracross/Pumpkaboo/Diancie? Ar

About gaming TVs.... I figure that absolutely nobody would know more than a Neoseeker about which TV is _gaming king_. Sur

Where the heck are they? Did they figure that the 4-month torchic event was so awesome that they were covered for awhile? &no

I apologize if this has already been discussed: http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/some-sort-of-egg-rng-abuse-read-the-fir


So without fear of looking like a total idiot, I've been trying to play "face games" with my Pokemon in Pokemon

I haven't had time to read all the threads so sorry if this has already been discussed. So, I stopped my Weedle from evol

Kitteh Pokemanz? There will nevar be enough!
Using the term overrated is so hipster. Being hipster is so overrated.
Loving mah R/S/E soundtrack while I study for ANA/PHYS...so wonderful!
Hmmm, weather nerf...very pleased. The metagame will feel soooo very fresh!
What the fox say....Can't unhear. Just can't. :'(
That awkward moment when you try to send yourself a PM.
waaaaaaahhh neeeed sleeeeep!!!
Do I go with a hard case or a silicon case?
I go with a hard case or soft silicon case?
MicroSD card reader, where have you been all my life!
I'm a girl. Yeah, seriously.
Virtualbox....seems legit....
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