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It feels like the Terran kind of have an unfair advantage with...
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Does this mean you can scan, then warp in BCs to the middle of a base? Although...
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Great review.

I have been playing this recently, and really enjoy it. I haven't modded or patched...
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This game would've been so much better if it was just in real time instead of having all of those... read more

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The original Graces was released on the Wii in Japan. It was viewed mostly as an unfinished game... read more

This was actually the first tales game for me. The childhood section for me was a fantastic... read more

The Ps3 version of course it's enjoyable, the Wii one isnt. read more

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This is what I meant. FFXV has a Japanese release in a couple of weeks. Right now I...
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Still looks freakin' crazy! Very action-like.

I didn't know the Japanese release...
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Yeah. Closest ive gotten him to is half a health bar left. That sucked so bad ai... read more

Did you get the HD Remix pack? It's pretty awesome ai!!

I played it a couple months back and got... read more

What mod did you run? WESPs unofficial? Pretty much dead on review, one of the best games ever... read more

Which season? I just finished the first one last night and I completely agree. I downloaded the... read more

Sweet! What game(s) did you get? read more

They added levels to your account, kind of like League of Legends. Every game you play grants XP... read more

I've totally lost interest in SC2 but HotS' campaign was really well made.

Poorly written, but very fun. read more

You created a large, muscular man of mass destruction with an abnormally long beard and Mike... read more

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That looks amazing. Safe to say that its my most anticipated game at the moment...
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. But, I’ll tell you now; the plot isn’t where DDs countless hours of enjoyment comes from
And... read more

Steel Panther fan? Lol (Even if no, yes, You can't KILL the Metal.) read more