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Jun 19, 15 1:06am
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Old school
Mar 11, 15 2:20am

If you end suikoden one you can get the main character on part 2 read more

Mar 7, 15 2:26am

Awesome! glad there's someone who knows the true awesomeness of this game !!! read more

Feb 1, 15 12:30pm
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Dreadlock Holiday
Jan 26, 15 8:35am
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Jan 24, 15 12:43am
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Jan 19, 15 6:10pm

I remember renting this from Game City once and not being able to make heads or tails of it. of... read more

Jan 7, 15 9:16am

Xenogears? Isn't that the one on the Playstation 1? Sadly, I don't own a PS1 anymore. Is there a... read more

Nov 9, 14 7:43pm

quote Hell Fire
quote DarkLordAkuma
It feels like the Terran kind of have an unfair advantage with...
read more

Nov 9, 14 9:42am

quote Hell Fire

Does this mean you can scan, then warp in BCs to the middle of a base? Although...
read more

Oct 11, 14 2:00am

It's my GOTY pick so far. read more

Aug 25, 14 2:07pm

Great review.

I have been playing this recently, and really enjoy it. I haven't modded or patched...
read more

Jun 20, 14 10:13pm

This game would've been so much better if it was just in real time instead of having all of those... read more

May 13, 14 2:46am
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Symphonic Abyss
May 6, 14 9:24am

The original Graces was released on the Wii in Japan. It was viewed mostly as an unfinished game... read more

May 5, 14 6:20pm

This was actually the first tales game for me. The childhood section for me was a fantastic... read more

Duncan Idaho
May 5, 14 9:02am

The Ps3 version of course it's enjoyable, the Wii one isnt. read more

Feb 8, 14 11:47pm

quote Hell Fire
This is what I meant. FFXV has a Japanese release in a couple of weeks. Right now I...
read more

Feb 8, 14 10:57am

quote Hell Fire
Still looks freakin' crazy! Very action-like.

I didn't know the Japanese release...
read more

Jan 25, 14 12:18pm

Yeah. Closest ive gotten him to is half a health bar left. That sucked so bad ai... read more

Jan 25, 14 2:52am

Did you get the HD Remix pack? It's pretty awesome ai!!

I played it a couple months back and got... read more

Jan 10, 14 4:14pm

What mod did you run? WESPs unofficial? Pretty much dead on review, one of the best games ever... read more

Dec 31, 13 2:57am

Which season? I just finished the first one last night and I completely agree. I downloaded the... read more

Dec 23, 13 9:49am

Sweet, I got NBA today! read more