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Mar 6, 10 12:04am

This Soundwave morning was much like any other Soundwave morning, except about 40 degrees hotter. I woke up early, and by early I mean 9:30, ate a big breakfast, and annoyed my housemates with soundwave music for about an hour before I left. I recently moved house and now live about 20 seconds away from the train station that would take me directly to Soundwave, so that was definitely a convenience.

On the train there definitely seemed like less Soundwave goers this year around. There were about 10 people on my carriage with band/black shirts and a couple of over the top emo/metal heads, but also a surprisingly large amount of people in normal attire. This made the train ride less interesting than the previous year.

I went in by myself, met a couple of friends on the train coincidentally, then met even more friends in the line, so we had about ten of us enter the oval, ready to rock on to all of this years’ awesome bands.

The first thing I thought upon entry was “What the hell is this humungous tent doing in the middle of the oval?” At first it was a giant relief from the blistering sun, but it soon became a nuisance as I had to travel around it about a million times. In fact, the entire layout change was horrid and it definitely made the day less enjoyable than it should have been. Yes, it was that bad.

The clock hit 12:30 and it was time to see my first band, Shinedown! I waiting to the side of the crowd for ten minutes while they prepared to come out, and it was probably the hottest I’ve ever been in my life. I was sweating from head to toe just from standing there, and wondered how I was going to survive 11 hours of this heat. Moments later, the drummer, guitarist and base player came out shirtless. Then after a few seconds, out came the lead singer, in leather jeans and a leather jacket. Was he crazy? It’s 40 degrees Celsius!

Once they started the first song, I was just about ready to die of heat exhaustion, so I figured I may as well die in style. I joined heart of the crowd and started jumping around to their faster songs like Devour. Then something happened, perhaps the greatest thing ever! The security up the front pulled out a hose and started spraying the crowd. For the first time in hours I didn’t feel like I was in a sauna. Overall, Shinedown were awesome. They only played 5 songs but really got the crowd into it considering how early it was in the day.

Now I had about an hour to wait until Paramore started. Soaking wet, Matt and I sat in the shade, and knocked back a few beers. I messaged some people to see where they were, including my best friend (who I didn’t see until about 10pm - talk about whipped) and hung out with a few of them. Then it was time for Paramore!

It was 3:30 and my god, PARAMORE WAS PACKED! I think about 80% of the festival was there. It was the only act I’ve ever not been able to make my way to the front for. Below is a before and after shot. I managed to get my way to the front third, so that was alright. I thought I was hot in Shinedown, but this was just ridiculous. I saw so many young girls close to tears, trying to make their way out of the crowd, and even more had to be taken out by security guards. Once Dee got off my shoulders and stopped pimping me off to other girls as a human elevator, I started to jump around a bit, particularly to the song Misery Business, which totally rocks. Paramore were pretty awesome. Hayley has an amazing fan base and knows how to get the crowd going. Once this was over, I was off to my next band.

It Dies Today were my first Metalcore act of the day. They were great. I got to the front, was drenched from head to toe in water again (which was awesome), and then went into the circle pit which was huge considering the small stage they were playing on. I got plenty of bruises which is a sign of a good mosh, and was definitely satisfied with the performance.
Now, looking like I just got out of a pool, I made my way back to the drinking area with Dee. We hung out for a while, walked around the festival and drank a load of alcohol. Then perhaps the most annoying thing of the day happened. We walked through a drinking area exit gate (because it’s an all ages’ event) and a security guard asked me what was in my pocket. I took my flask out and tried convincing him it was water, but he didn’t buy it. I tipped it out, and went on with my day. Totally lame!

With about an hour to kill before Trivium, Dee and I went on this giant swing ride. It was awesome swinging around at a million miles an hour and being able to see the entire festival. Definitely worth the $9.

After the ride, we went to the signing tents. Enter Shikari and A Day to Remember were sold out, so I chose to meet It Dies Today. After standing in the signing line for about 10 minutes, I got to meet them. They’re awesome! I got a photo with them, and got them to sign my festival guide paper, which you can see in the photo below. I was stoked to get their autographs. I’m definitely visiting the signing tents again next year.

After a bit of wandering around, meeting up with some more friends and drinking, it was finally time for Trivium, my favourite band of the day. I saw them last year so I had high expectations. The worst thing is that they were 20 minutes late due to technical problems, but once they came out they were on fire. Trivium were probably the best act of the day.

After Trivium I smashed down another drink and made my way to Escape the Fate. They were playing on the tent stage and it was humid as hell in there. It was packed but after a few songs I managed to make my way to the main mosh pit. I once again got soaked, and I couldn’t escape the fate of getting whacked a million times by the excited crowd. They were great, probably the second best act of the day. Situations was awesome live.

When they finished, I sprinted to A Day to Remember. The first song was good and the mosh pit was decent, but the sound quality was horrible. I could hardly hear the vocals. I was buggered at this point, so after three songs I crowd surfed my way to the front and made my way to Enter Shikari, the final act of the day.

I was there about 30 minutes early and finally met up with my best friend who I was waiting with in the line 11 hours prior. Faith No More had just finished so heaps of people came over to watch Enter Shikari. They were incredibly energetic. The drummer was climbing in the top stage bars in between his parts and the guitarists were jumping around like kangaroos! The circle pit made a return and took the final ounces of energy from me. Great way to end the day. These guys know how to perform!

The day was finally over and it certainly was a day to remember (too bad the band weren’t that memorable). At this point I emptied my pockets and was horrified to see what my autographed paper turned into (photo below), not only this, but be phone got too wet and half the buttons no longer work. In summary, it wasn’t as good as the last two years, mainly because of the horrible new layout. Despite these negatives, Soundwave 2010 was still an amazing day. Now I have to wait another year for the next one.

Best Acts: Trivium, Escape the Fate, Shinedown
Highlights: Hoses, Meeting It Dies Today
Lowlights: Festival layout, Flask being Confiscated, heat.

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Hell Fire blogged
Mar 3, 09 8:04pm

Alright! Soundwave 09 was awesome and once again it went way to fast. Even though I hurt all over, have a ridiculous sunburn tan, and feel like I’m dead, it was definitely one of the best days ever. It went something like this….

Pre Soundwave: I trained it there this time and there were a few delays, which I didn’t really mind so long as I got to see All That Remains (ATR), who were my favourite band at soundwave. The train progressively filled up with emos and metal heads, and the look on this one old ladies face became more and more priceless, as each stop brought a bunch of new oddly dressed Soundwave goers.

1:00 – 1:30:
I made ATR by about five minutes, and it was the perfect way to start the day. I don’t know why the moron timetablists (new profession) decided to put them on at 1pm! The crowd were amazing for that time, and they definitely should have been on later in the day. They finished strong with my two favourite songs, and left me excited for the rest of the day. ATR are AWESOME live! The circle put was awesome too. It was a shame I didn’t film it/go in it.

1:30 – 2:50: There wasn’t much to do at this time, so I went to the drinking area and had a few while waiting for UnderOath (who I despise) to start. Here’s a picture I took from the stands. The crowd were starting to fill in.

2:50 – 3:25: When I returned I went down to check out UnderOath, because that’s who the crowd were seeing. They started, and the energy from the lead singer was good. However, I only lasted 2 minutes. Their live performance totally reminded me why I hate their music. I knew some people at Evergreen Terrace, so I figured I’d check them out for a while. I never really heard their music before, and left after a few songs. I also found this bin. You know the world is ending when Garbos don’t do their jobs.

This was the low point of my day. I wandered past the signing tent, and guess who it was? ATR!!!! I was so excited. I lined up, made my donation for a signing ticket, but when I was about three people to the front, they left. This was a total downer. I was going to get them to sign my shoe since everything else I was wearing was black. Now it was time to head to Anberlin.

3:25 – 4:00:
Anberlin were great. I had heard their setlist choice in past soundwaves was horrible, but I wasn’t complaining. They finished with Feel Good Drag, which was awesome. I had a few drinks by this stage so I thought it was time to push my way to the front. The water security guy was crazy and sprayed me with the hose right in my face which caused my sunnies to fly off my head. Luckily I got them back.

4:00 – 5:20:
There was no one really good on at this time so we went back to the drinking are for a few more incredibly overpriced alcoholic beverages. As if the ticket price wasn’t bad enough. The crowd was really starting to pick up now. It seemed heaps busier than it was the year before, at this stage

5:20 – 6:00:
For some strange reason, I don’t remember much the Funeral for a Friends set list. They mustn’t have made a very big impression. I met some crazy girl in the crowd who kept on trying to climb me so she could crowd surf. She didn’t make it up unfortunately. I was tempted, but I didn’t want to lose my awesome spot, or my phone/wallet/keys/sunnies. So FFAF were alright, I think…..

6:00 – 6:50:
Lacuna Coil time! I couldn’t wait to check them out. I’ll just say that whatever love I had for Cristina (their lead singer) before, was multiplied tenfold by the end of the show. She was so hot live. Their music was amazing too. I once again got the front and took a few pictures of my future wife. The also played a new song (Spellbound) which was first released the week before at the Brisbane Soundwave. I listened to it heaps on Youtube the night before, and was pretty much the only one singing along to it. The guys next to me gave me strange looks. All in all, one of the best acts of the day.

6:50 – 8:20:
Drink break. I wanted to see Alice in Chains, but no one was interested, so I went there on my own. They pretty much bored me after a song. Their music isn’t something you can mosh to, which was what I wanted to do at this stage. I looked for my friends but couldn’t find them, so spent the next hour wandering around. I met some pretty cool randoms and ended up randomly dancing between stages 3 and 6. Then 8:20 suddenly came and it was Silverstein time!

8:20 – 9:00:
I relocated one of my mates just before Silverstien started, and we pushed our way to the front when the first song started. I only started listening to this band a few days before, and they were still awesome. Some of the songs were great to mosh to. I got about a million elbows to the gut, which reminded me of the Offspring last year.

At the end of the set, the drummer threw his drumstick into the crowd, and guess who caught it? The guy next to me, and about 5 other people. I stuck my hand in, pulled away, and it appeared in my hand. The only problem was that this other guy had two hands on it. After about 5 minutes of fighting over who got to keep the drumstick, I finally persuaded him that the rules were “the one with the hand in the middle gets to keep it! Don’t you know anything?” And he gave in. And I have Silversteins drumstick!

9:00 – 10:00:
The final act for the night; In Flames! With my newly acquired drumstick in my sock, we waltzed over to stage Four. This was my second most anticipated band, but I was actually disappointed in the end. The set list was horrible in my opinion and some songs like ‘Only for the Weak’ sounded like crap. It was still great to mosh in though. By the end I had no energy whatsoever. It was a fitting way to and an awesome day. No I have to wait a year for the next Soundwave!

Best Act: ATR / Lacuna Coil
Highlight: Silversteins drumstick
Low Point: Missing the ATR signing tent my a minute.

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