_~ The Summer Fashion Contest ~_ During last year's holiday season, we hosted a http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/direct

In X & Y, we saw a few different items other than the main protagonists' "Mega Rings" that trainers can use

I think I'm more excited for Mario Kart 8 in two days than I am for my birthday tomorrow. xD
I'm trying to watch the English dub of Attack on Titan. I almost can't handle the voice acting. My ears are bleeding. They butchered it. ;3;
Today, I pulled over to help what looked like an injured pony in a ditch. Nope. Just Butterscotch, the FurReal Friends Mechanical Pony. >>

This is just a fun game I thought of to pass the time. Waiting for news is torture. ;A; So basically, you will be creati

Does anyone else have to double or even triple-check to make sure that their game saved? I do. Even with the Gen. V addition

It's been almost two weeks, and I am still emotionally distraught over the Dexter series finale. ;~;

Try thinking back to 2004 when Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen were initially released, the first remakes in the series.

After I finish up watching an anime, I always think "Why is real life so boring?" xD

I think it's a little too early for Pokémon Z/X2/Y2 rumors, but why not share them with the community here? Rumors

Looking for a Dragon-type Friend Safari with Fraxure in it. I'm trying to avoid going back to Connecting Cave to search f

I'm sure there were plenty more April Fools' Day Fakemon released this year, but two (or I should say three) really c

Watching Dexter on Netflix. Get to the Season 4 Finale. Commence epic feels. ;A;

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