I have a new stamp so I decided to stamp you again if you don't mind. See you around.
stamping spree!!!!

just because i am bord i organized these pics to show how mutch i saport the bb+raven fact AND to show my apresheashon ao the artists who did these pics.


you can tell they like eatchother

always together.

thru the best of times...

the worst of times...

and the just plain funny times!

this is why bb loves raven

see? he drools over her XD

this is why raven loves bb!

and a face like this dosent hurt eather

two lovers reading a book wait... bb is reading!?

arnt they just cute together?

now if only bb wuld knock before entering XD

well wadea know? they even tride for a suntan comershul XD (i bet beast boy enjoyed this;))

one wants to shop for cloths the other wants to shop for love XD

they TRY to have a nice dade but robin and cyborg need to brake the walls while playing football XD

at least they have a nice time by the pool

first comes love then comes marige! then comes...


is this what the lovebirds have in store for them? i hope so!
you hadn`t had a signing for a long time so I`ll help you out!
I'm a random guest book signer watch as I sing your guest book and you don't know who I am! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now I go now and leave you to read this and wonder "who is this guy?"
Wanna wish you .....all best things in the universe in the upcoming year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
P.S. Stamp Back!

Hi! Just me dropping by to say hello!! You seem like a nice happy person so I signed your Gb~~!! Lalala~~! So, c ya round friend~~~!!!
It nice to see someone with valid contributions in loungin'. See ya round.

Hi, I thought I'd just come by to sign your guestbook.

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I thought I would sign your guestbook. It been fun talking to you in the Dragonball forum and you clearly know alot.

C'ya around.

The Unrivalled.
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Well, you kind of trapped me. so here i am signing your guestbook, btw, your one hilarious person! ha ha ha ha, alan is so funny, especially when you talk to him.. hehehehe, keep on...? uhh... laughing people to death!
Your welcome about the site. Anyway thanks for signing my guestbook. I'm just returning the sign. Hope to see you around the anime forum more.
Thanks for signing my Gbook you crazy bastard. I checked out your site and you are one funny SOB. I also just noticed you signed your own Gbook!!! im killin myself here laughin.. PEACE

Hey.. you probably have no idea who I am, but I saw your GTA roleplaying thread. I didn't join, though, because I don't know how to do the whole roleplay thing(although I am learning), and liked your avatar, so I decided to sign your guest book. Well, just to make sure I filled in the 125 character minimum..
Fo shizzle, keep the rizzle on the grizzle.
yes im back...and better then ever,im back...and makin things better.
well im not gonna be like the rest and go sdkjhsdkjfgsjdghjsdfghsdghj just so i can get past the 125 charactor limit(whoops:i did didnt i)well have a good life and smoke w*** every day and pretty soon you'll look like this guy=>
I've seen you around the Xenosaga forum alot, and I thought I'd sign your guestbook because you sound like a really cool person. Anyways, I hope you have a great time in the forums, and please sign my guestbook!
Well, signing is due....sooooooo....anyway....am I done yet? Can I go?..........................[size=1]stupid 125 characters rule.....[size]....................well anyway....off I go!!!
Thank you Headface! That number you gave me is great. All of the escorts are top-notch hotties! I'm talking 10's here. Thank you so much. Valentine's Day won't be lonely anymore!
Hey Headface. I'm just signing your guestbook to thank you for giving me that website for Russian mail-order brides. I am now really, really happy now because of you. Thanks again Headface, you truly are the man.
credit cards arent really credit cards. they are magical goodie creators!! keep that in mind, good advice! well i just thought id sign your guestbook, sign mine, dont, whatever.
But...lol...I forgot what you did to make me laugh! Lol. Can you remind me? Which thread did you post in again? Oh, was it in the lounge? Anyways, thanks for signin' my guestbook (even though you are just about to...I'm assuming, lol)
Thank you for signing my guestbook and i enjoy discussing with you as well, see you around

youre guestbook has been signed by the Satan mafia
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Alrighty then, that makes no sense what so ever, but i'll sign your guestbook seeing as you signed mine.