Thank God for Summer.. I'm not sure how much more I could take <3
~Haha, I'm just always happy around him, even if I'm not~
Haven't felt good like this in months <3
Haven't been on in a lonnnnng time :3
had her plans for the movies canceled
My boyfriend got me an early easter basket <333
I got Action Replay, codes wanted
i like Jeramy

:D Just say hi!
I guess I'll bring up the thought of Music, Favorite websites, and most helpful people on neoseeker.

My favorite music is pop, rap, and anything on MTV or vh1. I also have a (struggling) band and play flute in school.

My favorite websites would be Neoseeker(of course), Neopets, Gaia,,, YahooMusic, Google Images, and Quibblo.

And the coveted "Most helpful people" award,
Goes to . .
and Silenced

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