The PL House of Pwnage

Welcome Traveller to the greatest home on Neoseeker. The House of Pwnage! In it, feast your eyes on the great feats of PL, as he crushes everyone in his path:

The Living Angelus - Pwned November 2005

TLA tried to pwn me a few months ago. But I faked him out and came back ten times stronger. Then I light-sabered him in the face, with a little help from my sidekick, Tonto-bl3nd3r.

Furious Faction - Pwned November 2005

This fool tried to silence me, so I silenced him right back by busting him in the jaw. Fell faster than Martha Stewart Stock shares, ayo!

Crazy Daisy - Pwned November 2005

This amiga dared to picture PL in a leapard-skin thong. Everyone knows that you never picture PL in anything less than full body titanium armor. Now she spends her time picturing herself in the Emergency Ward, what!

Santa Claus - Pwned December 2005

Yo Santa has had this coming for some time, ever since I found out my parents pay for all my presents, yet this fool tries to take all the credit. What the *bleep*? I mean, what the *bleep* does this dude do all year at the North Pole if he's not making gifts? Sitting around doing nothing and then he expects us all to praise him for it. Well someone had to stop it, so I pulled a drive-by on this mother*bleep*er. Let's see him claim credit now when he's six feet under, word.

Deathman48 - Pwned February 2006

The "all powerful" Deathman48 has been hounding me now for some time, talking trash in threads, disproving my points, etc... so it was time for me to make a stand. I approached the fool and told him to check himself 'fore he wrecks himself. He told me to calm down and take a seat, so I did... straight to his dome! Now this punk finds himself permanently seated, complete with electric wheels and all. Plus, he saves energy on chewing by sucking all his meals through a straw. No need to thank me, pal, no need to thank me.

Deathman48 and Daisy - Pwned March 2006

A special pwnage brought to you by the people over at PL Pwnage, Inc. Rule Number One: Always finish off your opponent.

Apple/iPod - Pwned March 2007

It's hard to take down a billion dollar corporation, unless you're me, of course. Apple has been dumping its shitty product off on the consumer for years now, and every year they find another way to take advantage of the sheep that purchase whatever gets thrown their way. Special headphone jacks, special speaker systems, limits on music/video formats that are allowed. Yo, it's time someone put a stop to it. Using my street knowledge and incredibly good looks, I convinced one of the cracka developers to include an extra chip in every new ipod created. I waited until it made its way into the marketplace and that's when I struck. With the push of a single button, every ipod on the market was turned into one of the Cleveland Browns. Consumers everywhere were caught in awe as they pulled the Mr. Happy's out of their pockets, or off their laps and dinner tables. Yeah its disgusting, but now the world finally sees the ipod for what it really is... a piece of crap.

Stay Tuned for more Pwnages coming soon!