Part 2 yay!!! More pirates Risen2DarkWaters PC
Cool RP but only for PS3. Im afraid i need as PS3. This stuff is really cooooool RedDeadRedemption X360
Woooow cool grapics!!! Wanna play. November come, come to me and bring me Skyrim TheElderScrolls5Skyrim PC
Played it once. Soooo funny and cool. I really love this classic adventure. Wanna play again. ManiacMansionDayOfTheTentacle PC
Like it. But hard to go ahead after conquering a other country. WarlordsBattlecry2 PC
A very good and thrilling adventure. Cool story and good graphic. Like it! Syberia2 PC
A cool midival strategy. Like it. Build your own strongholds and settlements or fight the other kings. Stronghold PC
Funny strategy. Like it. Good to play in network. Starcraft PC
Cooool one. Slash with your bathleth makleth n dagger though all those traitors as a young klingon from the klingon honour guard. Qaplah! StarTrekTheNextGenerationKlingonHonorGuard PC
Really cool. Love to play klingons and conquer the galaxy. Always nice to play again. StarTrekBirthOfTheFederation PC
Cool one. But i dont love this kindo games. I like only one hero ;-) StarTrekAwayTeam PC
Cool 3 dimension/space strategy. Nice new experience. Like it. StarTrekArmada2 PC
As i say one before, not played yet. On my list. StarTrekVoyagerEliteForce PC
In my opinion best of all ST games. (well i never played ef, its on my list ;-)). A really dark and thrilling atmosphere. Not only for fans. StarTrekDeepSpaceNineTheFallen PC
Nice new kindo RP/Strategy. Like the graphic. Folloing the hero in its armies is soooo coool. SpellForceTheOrderOfDawn PC
Nice new kindo RP. Like the graphic. Folloing the hero in its armies is soooo coool. SpellForceTheOrderOfDawn PC
The second part of the creative speaking himself out of (or into) trouble simon. The first was good, but this one was better. SimonTheSorcerer2 PC
Sooooo cool. A endless epic classic funny game. Simons speakings are so cool. SimonTheSorcerer PC
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