Bluepikky24 Harvestgoddess99
May 05, 09 11:57am
You signed my guestbook with an awesome stamp, so I'm gonna sign back.

Anyway.. two brain teasers.

A wanted criminal was captured by the law, and invited to choose his method of excution by speaking one sentence. If the sentence was true, he would be strangled, if false, his head would be cut off. If neither, he was to be let free. He spoke one sentence, though escaped capture. What was that sentence?

You're captured by a powerful villain one day, who soon decides to kill you, and you are then offered two deaths. Thrown over the edge of a cliff to a pack of wolves who haven't eaten in thirty days, or shot at dawn by a firing squad. Which do you choose?

PM me what you think.
I dont have a stamp, but i sign anyway!
The line below is lying
The line above is correct (stolen from someone sig, but which is telling the truth if the top saying the bottoms lying, but the bottom says the tops correct?)
Hope we can be friends for a while, i like talking to you!

Static Brain
TheDPMaster11 Harvestgoddess99
Feb 07, 09 7:08pm
Nice RP in Pokefiction. I wish I had a stamp but I haven't...

Remember this: Grovyle and Manaphy rule.

Remember this also:
The question isn't if you can save the world.
The question is if the world's worth saving.
-This quote has been thieved from someone's signature.
pikachu_2008 Harvestgoddess99
Nov 11, 08 4:19am

hope you like this stamp it's not good but it will do
NL2 Harvestgoddess99
Dec 11, 07 7:46am
hello i just stop by to put this

i hope you stamp back

- your neohusband NL2
Terrierboy Harvestgoddess99
Aug 01, 07 10:26pm
ure 1 of my best fgreinds and ure really nice and helpful thnks 4 helpin me on hm alot
so im signing ure guest book an ive always wanted 2 try this