Here's to hoping we actually get a Triple Crown winner this time--the last few times haven't gone so well. read more

Those are two wise sayings to live by. Also, I love how it pops up with "Harvest Moon girl... read more

The reason why they always have the perfect lines to say in the stories is because the writer has created them that way. They have planned it out. When you see someone for whom you care, distraught and in shock, you have make an immediate reaction to help them, one that summons little though. Authors plan out their stories and pick their words carefully. Real-time problem solvers do not have that luxury, and that is one of the beauties of literature and fiction. Things make sense. They boil down to a meaning that we can understand. Life is not that simple. We are the result of random interactions and mechanisms. living a realm of entropy so great that we may never find a proper definition for ourselves. Value and purpose are masked from us, because we ultimately have to make our own, and that is little comfort to the person who struggles through a typical life at this very moment. read more

You just need to stop thinking about it. it's like swiming, the more time you spend standing there, the more resons you think of not to get in the water. Trust me, I am the queen of procrastanation, I know how it feels. read more

You have an interesting blog here Toni. (Hope I could call you that~)
Also, guestbook sign in a little while. (Y) read more

Wish I could delete this comment. read more

You could learn a thing or two, Arty. read more

I should hope so! Otherwise I'm going to someone else for help. read more

I remember a couple years ago when I always appreciated the guestbook entries that had a personal touch to them. Thanks for taking the time to do that again for so many people! read more

Hey, hey, don't try to pin that whole "hopefully" incident on me, Dave was the one who even mentioned it in the first place... I was just there.

I used to sign your Guestbook. Then you started deleting all my entries. >=[ read more