I could have sworn I signed your GB @_@

Guess it was just the PM, and forgot to sign your GB too >_>


Anyhow, signing (a bit belatedly, sorry) >_>

~|Merry Christmas!|~

(And a happy New Year too, eh?)

Hey there! Thanks for the lovely signing.
That was very sweet of you .
I hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year too!

Merry Christmas
Desolation Harvest Moon girl
Dec 26, 08 8:37am
Well hullo thar!

I appreciate the thought greatly. Although many might find my religious views skewed at times, the holidays aren't the worst time in the world for someone like me. I find humanity's behavior around this time of the year highly... well, I suppose interesting would be a relatively suitable term. I hope that your day and/or days of celebration are enjoyable, or at least as enjoyable as possible. May they not be filled with the chaotic tribulations that send the faithful into the masses' so-called descent.
Rome Harvest Moon girl
Dec 26, 08 7:43am
Thanks for signing! Hope you have/had a good Christmas too!

Taki Harvest Moon girl
Dec 26, 08 6:55am
Merry Christmas, and happpy holidays! ♥

Thank you fo' that. It was totally unexpected from you. And shit man, you write a lot, and express your opinions well just like me. First and foremost, I just want to say that I do not celebrate Christmas as I was raised as a Muslim. I'm not much of a Muslim, tho tbfh. ANYWAY, thanks for what you said, and I'm glad you like what you see. You're pretty cool yourself btw. You're pretty sarcastic, and funny if I actually knew English better, haha. Oh and btw, you really remind me of someone I know IRL. She's from Romania and, she's real pretty just like you. ^^

About my avatars; I create them myself with Paint Shop Pro X.

And sure, if you ever need one, just ask for it. It really takes 1 minute or less to make an avatar.

Best wishes for 2009, take care and have fun!

- sana
Exile Harvest Moon girl
Dec 26, 08 6:50am
haha Thanks for the guestbook message. The entire thing was fantastic. I do happen to be Jewish (hate the nose , but love the money ) but that was covered in your message and I love Capitalist wintertime gift-giving season.

I guess I am lucky that you sent me a guestbook entry first cause I might not be important enough to get one back. Now though I can say I sent my first and then I was sooooo important to you that you gave me a guestbook signing back.

And you are worthy of being in my guestbook. (Maybe not when I was Yugio <3, but Exile just isn't as cool I guess. )

I agree with you about the guestbooks falling out of fashion. Back in the old days I used to enjoy getting them and mustering up the courage to give a signing back to the really really really cool people. Now people let them wither away and act like they don't exist anymore.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Hope to see ya around and hopefully I can get you to laugh at a few more posts.
Aya Chan Harvest Moon girl
Dec 26, 08 3:02am
Merry Christmas!

My guestbook signings are never as legendery (in both size and content) as yours, but this will have to do.
Thanks for being such an amazing friend these past four years.
I look forward to our next gossip session >:
Dudeguy Harvest Moon girl
Nov 24, 08 11:03am
I was reading your profile (but don't worry, I'm not a stalk3r) and came across the Kerouac quote that can be found on page 5 of Chapter 1 of On the Road. Awesome!

Kerouac is my favorite author, glad to see other fans of his on neoseeker.
Eunoia Harvest Moon girl
Nov 3, 08 8:11am
Hello Harvest Moon Girl! =D
Just felt like singing your GB since you seem like an awesome person. Sorry for the lack of stamps. ): I don't have any. I'll be sure to sing your guestbook again once I make one though.

Just checked your participation and damn can you remember people's birthdays. My birthday is February 17th so don't forget 'kay? ;D Kidding, kidding. You definitely have to give me your birthday though so I can sing your guestbook on that day. ^_______^

Stay an awesome harvest moon girl,
VulcanRaven Harvest Moon girl
Nov 2, 08 12:51am
Goddammit Artie, I wanted my note to be right at the top so she would see it first thing when she went to her GB. You just had to steal the spotlight, didn't you!

I still love you Dave. I'm just saddened by your selfish actions.
Artificer Harvest Moon girl
Nov 2, 08 12:44am
Well. This is awkward.
Distortion Harvest Moon girl
Oct 23, 08 8:48am
Toni, I love you. Never forget that.

Also, I don't have a new stamp for you, so I will cheat by using a banner.

You can't say I didn't try! XD Maybe I'll have a new stamp next time.

Also, why don't I have your MSN? We need to talk more!

Thanks for being such a great friend to me over the years.
The Omega Harvest Moon girl
Oct 21, 08 1:01am
I notice someone stamped you twice in a couple months without noticing they've done it before. Don't you hate that?

Jackal_Man Harvest Moon girl
Oct 21, 08 12:34am
I love the Harvest moon games, in the snes i married all of the girls why are you backing away? wait, stop running! I didn't mean anything by that!

Watch the shadows for they may be watching you, Enter the Darkness
TurMoiL911 Harvest Moon girl
Oct 20, 08 4:03am


Vegetazoid Harvest Moon girl
Sep 19, 08 4:57pm
Hey Harvest Moon girl! I like the way you post (and especially your sexy avatar )
You seem like a cool neo member! Please sign back!
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
Xel Harvest Moon girl
Sep 2, 08 4:30pm
There have been rumors on the news that people have suddenly started to witness Dave Babe disappearances! What was a very common occurrence six or seven months ago has now become quite rare.

People are relaxing and know how to react to this, especially those who used to keep in constant contact with the ever online Xelbabe. Readers should be advised not to rush in recklessly and attempt to contact Dave Babe through PM, MSN, or ze guestbook.

Ask, and you shall not receive an answer. Especially the right one though.


-Dave babe.
Vegetazoid Harvest Moon girl
Aug 3, 08 9:53pm
Hello Harvest Moon Girl!
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
Distortion Harvest Moon girl
Feb 28, 08 6:33am
Aaaaaahh! *hugs*

How's it going? Haven't seen you in forever! I'm back from the dead...again! Still remember me? Dunno how active I'll be though. Still, it's good to see you're still here.

No new stamps, sorry.


Shane Harvest Moon girl
Feb 25, 08 7:22pm
Toni I love you. Nothing I could ever post in here would even start to rival your awesome guest book posts. You're a complete and utter master of the art that is GB signings.

So while I ramble on, wishing I could even begin to understand the intricacies of your art, I think to myself.. what should we do this December? I don't know how long we'll have. I know I'll be in the city for 4 days, with my family, so we'll probably have a day or 2 at most. In which we'll definitely have to go to the top of the Empire State Building again with you. There was meant to be another Seeker with us.. but it turns out she's a lying piece of shit, so it'll just be us represntiN'.

ANYWAYS. That whole story can wait for MSN when you appear again and aren't doing another one of your famous Toni Disappearing Acts.

Much Lurv Babeh.
orez Harvest Moon girl
Feb 12, 08 10:09am
Sup Toni. Been a while etc. Lost my internet, and I come back and you aren't here except like... maybe 3 days since I have? Anyways, I'm wishing you the best. I've heard you've been going to different places in the world, I dunno, but congrats and the like. I do miss talking to you like I used to back in 05 or whenever that was. Good memories. TOS forum was pretty boss too. Anyway, yeah. For once I think I didn't have to try to surpass the character limit! =D

I have no stamp, but I can make an ASCII balloon for you.


Bai Toni ;D
- My favorite Oreo and yours.
Aya Chan Harvest Moon girl
Jan 1, 08 11:22am
Yes, that was totally just the Star Wars theme. Also, you are now not the only one in 2008! What do you think of that? I have caught up with you and realized that all you have said are lies... terrible, terrible lies. I mean, I do see the aforementioned explosions... but what about the men raining from the sky and the candy seeping from the ground? I just don't see it and it's breaking my heart. Perhaps I have to wait longer to see these wonderful sights? Alas, no, all was false and my poor heart lies broken into a million shattered pieces.

Oh... and look who it is!! Why, it's none other than Lt. Orgy, unemployed and looking very sorry for himself. Oh no, he has spotted us!

"What are you doing here?!" He cried in shock. "How dare you show your faces in front of me again after you have ruined my life so!"

Antonia and Angie just stared at each other while Lt. Orgy moped in the corner.

"Oh, woe is me!!" Lt Orgy cried.

Angie and Antonia did not seem interested in the slightest. They were, however, curious as to how this story suddenly had a different narrative perspective.

Really they didn't care though. What they were really concerned about was, of course;


Somehow they managed to get Deathy and Robabe to kiss. For some strange reason it didn't take much coaxing. Soon the yaoi fangirls of Neo were freaking out and trying to molest the two poor young chaps.

Antonia and her pal-a-roonie watched on in half amusement.

This story ends with both of our male heroes being taken away. The last thing that anyone heard from their mouths?


Now let's go do girly things!

This Guestbook signing could not have been done without the help of a special friend.

Tainted Harvest Moon girl
Dec 10, 07 4:36am
Long time no see HMG. Been since the last slave auctions that we talked. How are things, etc.? Are you planning on bidding next auction? I want some slaves of my own this year. >=D

jespomo Harvest Moon girl
Dec 8, 07 1:42pm
You and Aya are now the grandma's of neo.

Of course I missed you, just don't go around smashing anymore cars up, remember, when you're on the road, it isn't destruction derby!

Now no more dissapearing for 6 months or worlds will be said.

Aya Chan Harvest Moon girl
Dec 8, 07 10:16am

Man, I can't believe you left for six months.
<- anger of the red
You're right... I can't believe we've been here for so long.
Maybe we should both leave for good at some point soon. xD
OR SHOULD WE?! Dun daaa duuunnn

Whelp, I've missed talking to you fo sho', and I wish you all the best. <3