Lesley Pro_04 Harvest Moon girl
Jul 2, 16 2:16am
Hard to believe that we've both been a part of the same website for 12+ years now! Hard to imagine where the time has gone, really!
Harvest Moon girl
Jul 1, 16 4:16pm
Misty Copeland in Sleeping Beauty or Finding Dory with visiting friend. Decisions, decisions.
Harvest Moon girl
Jun 24, 16 5:21am
Holy shit, Brexit.
Harvest Moon girl shared a link from fusion.net
Mar 22, 16 5:56pm


Last spring, as Beckett Delaney was hoverboarding to his office in SoHo, his man bun flailing behind him in the wind, he came to an abrupt halt. "I realized I just couldn't work that day," Delaney recalled recently, in between puffs of an e-cigarette...

Harvest Moon girl
Mar 17, 16 5:20pm
So, like, wtf does the wolf link amiibo actually do in TP?
Harvest Moon girl shared a forum thread
Mar 17, 16 11:49am


It's a slow day at work and I'm curious. Are you someone who loves to spend time with other people and has a jam-pack

Harvest Moon girl
Feb 29, 16 10:46am
Officially 3 Neo years old today!
Distortion Harvest Moon girl
Feb 29, 16 1:07am
Happy 3rd Neo-birthday!
Harvest Moon girl
Feb 22, 16 5:08pm
Hahahahhaha, I can't believe someone called Pope Francis the anti-christ
Harvest Moon girl shared a forum thread
Feb 18, 16 11:30am


@Dragonmaiden's thread made me curious about your respective school lives. How big was your high school/university? My

Harvest Moon girl shared a forum thread
Feb 16, 16 10:37pm


Wow, I thought this forum had shut down. This is exactly what I needed. Serious work in progress that will eventually hel

Harvest Moon girl shared a forum thread
Feb 16, 16 3:58pm


The recurrent thread of the forum, I know. Anyway, I have a week off the last week of March and naturally want to use that op

Harvest Moon girl
Feb 13, 16 6:55pm
Holy shit! Scalia is dead?!? Didn't see that one coming
Harvest Moon girl shared a forum thread
Feb 11, 16 7:06pm


Since our generation sucks at voting, I was curious if Neo's demographic matched it.

Harvest Moon girl shared a link from harpersbazaar.com
Feb 11, 16 6:25pm
For the love of Degas:


‚ÄčAs she channels the artist Edgar Degas's most famous ballet works ahead of a new exhibition at New York's Museum of Modern Art, dancer Misty Copeland opens up about what it feels like to make history. Ballet dancers, Misty Copeland tells me, like to...

Harvest Moon girl
Feb 9, 16 5:09pm
Omg, when did Rurouni Kenshin come to Netflix? Lolz, bye, social life.
Harvest Moon girl shared a forum thread
Feb 9, 16 12:00pm


Because it takes us forever to decide both the film and the time. Previous Weeks: * Week 1: Pulp Fiction * Week 2: Preda

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Feb 6, 16 1:55pm


Supermarkets in France have been banned from throwing away or spoiling unsold food by law. The stores are now required to donate unwanted food to charities and food banks. To stop foragers, some supermarkets have poured bleach o...

Harvest Moon girl
Feb 3, 16 12:11am
eater article on expensive omakase -> eyes wide shut -> crazy Reddit AMA about male stripper's experience. The Internet is insane
Harvest Moon girl shared a forum thread
Feb 1, 16 9:53am


I'm vaguely dissatisfied with my room and hoped for one of any of the following: a) inspiration from your rooms b) sugges

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