Conversations about ethics in journalism aside...

The We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive continues! If you haven't already, please consider sending some bucks my way. (And don't worry that the PayPal page says Man Boobz.) Thanks! A couple of days ago, embattled indie game designer Zoe Quinn embarras...

Forgot how much I *bleep*ing love Pushkin.

'ello there, gentlemen (and ladies if there are any around). Slavehood is coming to an end soon, so I was hoping one of y

I was reading through some posts from and was stunned by how many of those

Dual discussion: Do you watch foreign films? Is there a particular language you prefer? How did you get into them? Second:

Let's be honest, we all have certain films that totally make us teary (or cause emotional breakdowns where you can't

So there's an adorable robot called that has been making its way through Canada! He's almost

So we all have things that are instabuys (whether it's a video game, clothing, comics, etc), but what are some traits tha Studio: Fox Searchlight Rating: PG-13 S

Don't know about you guys, but while I've certainly heard of the DW franchise, I had never played a game before. And

Don't know if you guys have seen the story of the doctors who bowed to a young boy in China who decided to donate his org

Anyone else think that the FIFA WC Match Balls would be great usernames? Brazuca, Jabulani, Teamgeist, Questra, Etrusco, etc.
Has a hammock in her room. Life is complete
It's hard to take myself seriously whenever I see my username, haha

I know you guys have Netflix Film Club, but this is a little different and I couldn't find any similar threads. I'

It's kind of crazy that I've been here long enough that my profile age now seems appropriate/reasonable.

I recently got into an argument with one of my best friends because I was being a condescending bitch about her need to socia

what are things people would want in a lottery?
is it wrong that "bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks" is one of my absolute favorite things to say?

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