Harvest Life
Feb 15, 15 9:16pm
I'm baaaack.
Harvest Life
Jul 11, 13 9:45pm
It's uranium! No. it's my radium. :D
Harvest Life
Sep 19, 12 7:31pm
I'm going to burn your house down! With the lemons!
Harvest Life
Jul 7, 12 1:01am
Let's let stupidity go first and reason follow!
Harvest Life
Jul 3, 12 4:05pm
Harvest Life
Nov 13, 11 7:03pm
What The Water Gave Me
Harvest Life
Oct 10, 11 7:40pm
Regrets collect like old friends...
Harvest Life
Apr 7, 11 8:28pm
Stupid hackers! GET OFF NEO!
Harvest Life
Apr 7, 11 5:46pm
%uFF0F%u4EBA%u25D5 %u203F%u203F %u25D5%u4EBA%uFF3C%uFEFF
Harvest Life
May 27, 10 2:16am
I think this is funny
Harvest Life
Apr 7, 10 12:12am
Harvest Life
Apr 2, 10 7:10am
School, END!!
Harvest Life
Nov 29, 09 1:49am
Konnichiwa! Er... Bye?
Harvest Life blogged
Nov 20, 09 3:27am


Yeah either scream in fear or cheer Harvet's back! It's been a while since I've shown up. Didn't have much to say. What to rant about...


Don't you just hate it when you jump but don't fly? I do too, I feel your pain. Also that dosen't sound right... I'm scared of high places, it makes me feel sick. My mom and I were talking about a room made out of glass up really high. My mind started to go, Oh god! What if I trip and the glass breaks and I fall. OH NO NO NO NO NO NO!

Yeah... I'm out of ideas now...

Er anyone like Septimus Heap? I can't wait for the next book to come out. I'm all out of books to read. Anyone have any good ideas? Fantasy would be nice. Mystery is good, at the end, which is why I hate them.

Bye (I forgot how to say it in Japanese... Anyone know that?)

musingsthoughts anime books random thoughts heights fear
Harvest Life blogged
May 9, 09 10:49pm

Ah music..

The hiiillls are aliivvve with the sound of music...

IT WAS THERE! See that was sort of funny...

Well I love music. Who dosen't? (Deaf people don't count) I hate rap. No offence to you rap lovers but it sucks. Its talking with music in the backround. Really... Well now that I think about it I really like rock, Pop, country (Not the best but it's alright.)

I also hate screamo. RAHHH RAHHHH AGGGG! What is the point. It's scraming. It dosen't take much talent. Just the fact that your voice won't go horse after all the RAHHH RAHHHHH AHHHHHH! I really really really hate rap. Wait I just said that.... Ok well I guess I like Techno. It's kinda cool. Wow.... This is all I can think of... All well. Bye Bye!


Oh and I also make AMV's on Youtube. Here is the link to my channel there.


(Yes I do like the name Harvest Life. I may explain it to you all one day...)

Harvest Life blogged
Apr 24, 09 3:28am

Well as.. nobody knows I am a HUGE anime fan. My watched list is

Tokyo Mew Mew
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (still watching NO SPOLING)
Shugo Chara (Same with pretty cure)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoah A's
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoah StrkierS
Salior Moon
Winx Club (Not anime but close enough)
Avatar the last airbender

I thank that is it.

Well I just like to say that Shugo Chara and the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha are really good. Shugo Chara is about finding your would-be self. I think that can relate to a lot of people. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is very complated and I can't explain it. Look it up on Google! Tokyo Mew Mew, girls turn into animals.... Not too weird. Well I'm not in the mood to rant to much. Just giving an overview of what I like. See you all around ^_^

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