But...but...Seeketh Maximus was my favorite =[

Thought it would be cool to see what news sources members here tend to go to/trust. I am especially interested in seeing what

I was originally going to post this in Loungin' because I wanted a wider sample size, but the revival has been so success

Recently read an article comparing how different the media portrayal of riots are depending on the race of the of those rioti

Judging by the members who have been posting (and the lurkers whose names appear in the little bar below all the threads), I&

To take a break from the more serious threads.... Anyone here planning on doing something? Do you like to decorate your apar

So it's no secret that solid relationships are an important part of a satisfying life. If I had a better internet connect

If there's one thing that we can all agree on regardless of our backgrounds and personal beliefs, it's that the world

Woah, the future Norwegian banknotes are gorgeous

Pretty dissatisfied with my closet at the moment and trying to think of where I could buy new stuff, specifically partying cl

So about ~4 weeks ago I sprained my ankle when had an awkward fall while bouldering. Was pretty much out of commission for 3

french perfume. german car. swiss watch. italian shoes. american dreams
Forgot how much I *bleep*ing love Pushkin.

'ello there, gentlemen (and ladies if there are any around). Slavehood is coming to an end soon, so I was hoping one of y

I was reading through some posts from http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/27p6z3 and was stunned by how many of those

Dual discussion: Do you watch foreign films? Is there a particular language you prefer? How did you get into them? Second:

Let's be honest, we all have certain films that totally make us teary (or cause emotional breakdowns where you can't

So there's an adorable robot called http://www.hitchbot.me/ that has been making its way through Canada! He's almost

So we all have things that are instabuys (whether it's a video game, clothing, comics, etc), but what are some traits tha

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