is it wrong that "bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks" is one of my absolute favorite things to say?

Was talking to a friend today and she was making fun of how it pains me to spend money on clothing, but I won't hesitate

California Chrome!!

A few days ago, I had the strangest encounter with a US Homeland Security officer to date (the dudes that greet you when you

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Gameboy's release, which is pretty trippy. It's crazy how quickly time has passed

World Cup tickets yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss

Was just going through some of the photos on my phone and it made me wonder what fellow seekers used their phone's camera

Every time I see "FIFA 14" in the Featured bar, I get fooled into thinking it's news about the World Cup. =[ Every. damn. time.
Looked at Neo's recent post, saw a thread titled "How to pay off your home loans" and I was really impressed. Turns out it's from AC:NL

Since it seems like everyone is updating the movie threads...Let's talk about Spike Jonze's newest full-length film:

Probably should have posted this in Films/Movies, but whatever. So a joke that Amy Poehler & Tina Fey made during thei

So today I found myself looking at Disney engagement rings (I honestly have no idea how a series of random clicks resulted in

So I realize this isn't a new phenomenon, but I still haven't been able to understand why it became a thing. It's

As much as I love visiting art museums, I have a really hard time understanding the hype about most works of art. Usually I&#

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this....

So it's been two and a half years since I've done one of these. The only reason why I'm even bothering to write one is because I want to go through the entire alphabet. Once I finish a post beginning with the letter Z (if I ever get there), I'll be more than happy to stop this.

Anyway, do normal users still use blogs? Looking at the main page, I'm surprised to see that they do. Well, I'll be using this mostly to talk about my travels.

Since August 2009, I've done quite a few things and been to interesting places. The highlights would definitely have to be bungee jumping near Cape Town, climbing up Huayna Picchu after seeing Machu Picchu, going cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa, skydiving in Switzerland, seeing the sun up at 11 pm in Saint Petersburg, climbing the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, and going on a safari in Kruger Park. In hindsight, it's kind of crazy to think about the many opportunities I've been given, but I'm extremely grateful for it. It's odd because things seem so much more exotic and real when written down. While I was doing all these things, it felt rather surreal.

Presently, I am spending my semester studying in Prague. I use both "studying" and "Prague" very lightly as I only have classes 3 days a week and spend the other 4 travelling around Europe, haha. It's been an interesting experience because I've learned to be completely independent. Now, I've been allowed to do whatever I wanted during summers ever since I turned 15. However, it was always through some program or with some friends. For the first time in my life, I am travelling completely alone (not always, but still a considerable amount), staying in hostels, and generally seeing the sights by myself. It's kind of crazy, but also incredibly fun. I've learned that Budapest exists for the sake of making other cities feel ugly about themselves and that I have no chance of ever understanding Hungarian.

Side note: It's always so weird to come back to Neo because there's this contradictory feeling attached to it. On one hand, you feel as though nothing has changed, yet at the same time everything seems so different. The familiar faces are gone and once active forums are dead, but the same topics and jokes are being discussed. It's crazy to think of the number of people I've come into contact through this site. I always get nostalgic, haha. "Whatever happened to _______?" or "I wonder how ______ is doing?" are questions that always come to my mind about the members who I used to see frequent the site and are now long gone.



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catch me if you can.

That last blog post of mine was a bit melancholy (mostly because I was bemoaning my lack of sleep, a terrible tragedy), so I'll switch things up by being obnoxiously happy in this one.

This Saturday (the 8th) I headed to Zurich for its annual Street Parade. It's a massive techno event that lasts from 1 pm till midnight and takes place in, you guessed it, the streets of Zurich. It was my first time at the event, but I had heard marvelous things about it. Choosing what to wear was torturous since I was told to dress "crazy." What exactly does dressing "crazy" entail? I'd much rather look cute! Therefore, I went with a cute and quirky outfit and dressed up with my Argentinian friend Alejandra. We both had little wings and horns and a normal skirt and shirt(I was decked out in white and Ale got dressed in black).

Holy shit, the party was amazing. We arrived at Zurich's bahnhof (train station in German) around 1:15 and the place was already completely filled. People were dressed in wacky outfits and most of the girls were pretty much walking around in their bras and underwear. We headed off to the bar to buy a drink and, amazingly, they had run out of more than half their liquor even though the party had only officially started 15 minutes before we got there. I ended up getting a shot of vodka to begin the festivities.

I've never really been a passionate fan of techno, house, or any of that kind of music so I was really surprised to discover that I truly enjoyed listening to it for all 11 hours. I mean, I've always liked the beat but it usually gets a bit boring after the first 5 or so minutes. We took crazy amounts of pictures (pictures of the events are in Loungin' while pictures of me and my friends are in a magical place that friends know about). We had another round of drinks around 7 to seek refuse from the non-stop rain and then we continued to dance to our little hearts content!

Note to self: bring a pair of converse along next time instead of 4 inch heels. The ground gets full of all different sorts of glass bottles and you can injure yourself.

Peace, kids.


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Let's see if anyone knows what title pattern I have settled on. Well, for the next 24 blog posts anyway.

This blog is just to wish everyone who e-creeps on my blog a very merry Christmas! By e-creeps, I mean someone who reads my blog without dropping by and saying hello. I don't mind if you're an e-creeper. Hell, if I did, I wouldn't be making my blog posts public to one and all. However, if you do happen to be an e-reader (do you prefer that moniker over e-creeper?), then I unfortunately missed you during my Christmas signing spree yesterday.

I'm doing it an injustice by calling it a "signing spree" since I did try my very hardest to write each person a personalized little blurb in addition to the spree message and stamp. It's true that it was easier to write some blurbs than others, but, hey, I tried and ended up spending nearly 5 !@#$ing hours doing so. Some might think that I completely wasted 18,000 seconds of my life, but I disagree. I personally adore guestbooks - anyone who knows me (though that number is rather small) will tell you that guestbooks are pretty much the reason why I ever bother coming back to this site. I mean, I'm a huge people person and love to read about others' opinions and thoughts, but, quite frankly, guestbooks are my number one love. What about neo friends you ask? Well, if those people mean anything [to me] at all, they'll certainly have my MSN, my facebook, my phone number, or my address.

I think it's a pity that so many of both the new and the old members of the site have forgotten about guestbooks. One of the simple joys of my neo life is reading someone's thoughts on me through a small guestbook message. Sure PMs are great and everything, but I usually tend to completely forget them after a while. Guestbook entries on the other hand are much more permanent and usually leave me thinking about them. They were a great way to take the initiative into becoming friends with others back in 2004 and the beginning of 2005. After your first two or so years, you tend to forget them or begin to really only sign a few guestbooks every once in a while. It's not even for the oh-so-cool neo popularity that some of the older and more jaded members of the site would believe. *bleep*, man, I have over 60 pages of entries, do you seriously think I'd be comparing myself to all the pre-pubescent kids on this site? I've already found my lovely little clique from this site and though I wouldn't exactly object to getting more friends, I'm not exactly willing to whore myself out in order to attain more. Members who wish to become a part of my claque are a completely different story. Any interested members should PM me their resume, link me to at least 5 posts where they have visibly sucked up to me, send a 250 word essay exalting my talents and wisdom, as well as describing themselves in 5 words and then describing me in 5 superlatives. Oh, and let's not forget, you must have both a backbone and a sardonic sense of humor.

I don't think enough members realize the enormity of this site. Granted, there are sites with a much larger population like myspace and facebook and all that jazz, but this is much more interactive. At this moment (December 27, 2008 1:06 am in Upstate New York at a random hotel room near a ski resort), there are approximately 450,000 members who have joined this site. That's 449,999 other people who somehow through luck or fate or what may (i.e Google), discovered this site and decided that it looked interesting enough to join. Let's not even count the number of strangers who have visited the site once or twice but never bothered joining. This means that you, this little bundle of jolly atoms, have the opportunity to "meet" and interact with hundreds, no, thousands of other little bundles of jolly atoms! How absolutely incredibly is that? Well, I'm sure most of you don't ever bother thinking about that, since often you're much more focused on learning more stuff about that badass game for your 360/PS3/ect or trying to figure out how to beat that !#$@ing part of the game. However, try to stop right now and think about what it means to have access to so many people that you would have otherwise never known existed. It's unbelievably exciting, is it not? My love for guestbooks spawns from that very reality.

Posts can easily be ignored and PMs can be skimmed. On the other hand, I've never met someone who flat out hated guestbooks. Sure, the whole "ON A SPREE, SIGN BACK" thing is annoying as hell, but you're still left wondering why that member chose to sign your guestbook...or better yet, you're left wondering how the hell that member knows you since you never even knew he existed. So while "spree signings" can be annoying, they still demand much more attention than a a regular post or PM. A well thought out, personal guestbook entry is one of the most precious jewels on this site. It's even better because they're usually a surprise! While I've always loved guestbooks, I usually tend to sign only those of very close friends. Hell, I've spammed up Robabe's, Angiekins', and Shane babe's whenever the urge fit and I discovered that I had nothing better to do. The last time I had gone of a legitimate signing spree had to be around 2005 and even then it was mostly for neofriends and close acquaintances. This year, however, I decided I would be incredibly daring and sign the guestbooks of members whom I had seen around and who looked interesting.

The hard part was finding something personal to write to each person because there were members that I had only seen post once of twice. However, it's such a simple thing to give someone a heartfelt compliment and it often has a very positive, significant effect. Why not give a stranger a compliment on his talents? I've seen plenty of members who were funny, artistically talented, or just seemed to know what they were talking about - why not say, "Hey, good job. I wish you the best and wanted to tell/congratulate you about this: ______ ______"? The general message was easy - I hoped that everyone had a great Christmas and would have a fantastic new year. The message is sincere and heartfelt but I had a feeling that others would not believe it to be so unless they noticed that I had made an effort to leave a more personalized message. Hopefully (we're not going to argue about my use of "hopefully" here okay, foxshy & phil?), my entry made the member smile or feel even a modicum of joy. After all, isn't that what Christmas is about? Trying your best to make others happier. Oh, I missed like...5 or so people, so your entries will be late, whoops. In my defense, it was around 1:30 in the morning by the time I finished and I was just about ready to pass out. PLUS, I had just seen the single worst movie of the year, though it's a strong contender for the worst movie of the decade. Forgive me, dear e-creepers, for that movie was Twilight. Don't ever invite your cute little 11 year old younger sisters to watch it with you as a way to pass the time. RESIST THE URGE, IT'S NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE!

Dear Bloggie,

Mrs. Someone says that we have to write a letter to Santa! I don't know why but Noah refused to write the letter and chose to eat the paper instead! HE DIDN'T EVEN WASH IT DOWN WITH CHOCOLATE MILK, BLOGGIE! It turns out that Noah doesn't believe in Santa. I don't think that's true though. I think that his parents just didn't know he existed, so they didn't tell Noah about him. I never knew that there were people who didn't know about Santa, bloggie! Now I must go and find them all and tell them all about the wonderful things that Santa does! Jack says that Santa is really the embodiment of the capitalist system at its worst and that Santa is really extorting the elves and maintaining a sweatshop, but I think that he's just repeating what he heard on the tv. As if he would ever know the meaning of the word embodiment and AND why would you sweat in the North Pole? That's just silly now since eeeveeeeryone knows that it's really cold in the North Pole and that even the Polar Bears have to drink refreshing Coca-Cola in order to keep their bodies warm. Jack is just being a meaniehead because Gloria threw away the flower he gave her. It wasn't her fault though, there was HUUUUGE BUG on it and Gloria hates bugs.

Poor Jack was really upset by that but I forgot to be sad for him when he drank my Yoohoo! Can you believe it? Bloggie, I was going to offer that yoohoo to him. Speaking of <3 him <3, Jenny doesn't like him anymore! She met this guy named Ryan from Mr. Senor's class and she's totally heels over head - I think that's what big sister said is another epithet for "loooove"- for him. He already decided that he wants to work with numbers and become an accountant. Bloggie, I think he's a Martian because who on earth eeeever knows what they want to do for the rest of their lives when they're in the 3rd grade? Life is serious business and adult stuff! He can't even color inside the lines, how is he going to be deciding the future of his life so early on?! Mrs. Someone was talking to Mr. Senor about it and saying that she's so jealous he has an "advanced student like" Ryan in his class. Then she started talking about ME, bloggie!

She said that she couldn't believe that I had written "dinosaur" as my job career. Why can't I be a dinosaur, bloggie? They're extinct, you know. That means that if I became one, I'd be super duper famous and they'd make movies about me! They'd even be better than the Land Before Time! I could become an amusement park if I were a big enough dinosaur - think of the fun I could have as a dinosaur!! But, noooooo, Mrs. Someone doesn't think it's a good choice. I bet she wants me to write something like "ballerina" like Jackie did or "fireman" like John. But I don't want to be a ballerina or a fireman! I want to be a dinosaur and roar and beat everyone at racing. My only problem is that I don't know if he would marry a dinosaur. Fortunately, I asked him about his thoughts on dinosaurs and his exact words were: "Did you know that the T-Rex had a big head and little arms?" Clearly that means that he likes them too and is interested by them so he decided to learn more about them!

Wish me luck, bloggie, I'm going to work hard to become the best dinosaur ever! I have to go now, we're making clay figures in art today!

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Readers, be sure to tune in next week to read an account of my Christmas, my trip after Christmas, my love of Christmas, and why I really have no real reason to love it since my Christmases tend to end in tragedy (now I'm just being melodramatic)! And the adventures of Jenny, the diary girl, him, and Jack and all that jazz. Plus, the introduction of more kewl kids!

Note: This blog was written over a span of three days during the very early hours of the day after a long day of snowboarding and Ocarina of Time-ing since I had no access to the internet. Therefore, I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes and for the general lack of coherence.

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So I met up with Shane yesterday and decided that I'm not quite normal because the encounter simply wasn't awkward enough. Haha, the same thing happened when I hung out with Angela. It seriously felt as if I were just meeting up with an old friend to go hang out and just walk around the city. Granted, I have known Shane for two years, but I still feel like I'm breaking the meeting online friends code simply because it felt all too natural.

Yesterday was crazy fun though. I met up with Shane at his hotel around 2 p.m. and we pretty much walked around the city for 4 hours. Then I invited him to dinner at la Plataforma Churrascaria, one of my favorite rodizios (yum). Sorry for lying about the check, Shane, but I wasn't about to let you pay for half the bill when I was the one who invited you out to dinner. We then went to go watch Spamalot and had an absolute blast. I also had the opportunity to meet the Byrnes! And missed my train because I ended up talking with Papa and Mama Byrne for an hour and a half, oh dear. All in all, the entire day was so much fun.

ANGELA was supposed to come along, but she was being a cootiehead and decided she would rather impersonate a chipmunk. We therefore decided that we were going to force her to join us on a trip to Dublin.

Oh, for all of you KFC Cake nonbelievers, I'll be taking a picture of it the next time I get KFC (although that in itself rarely happens).

Bloggie, Jack light Jenny's lunch box on fire the other day! Unfortunately, he missed her hair so she still has her golden locks! Ugh, whenever I see her I'm reminded of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! Seriously, what's so great about having hair that blinds others? That's not even nice!!!

On the bright side, he saw Jenny beating Jack up today at lunch and told me that he never knew Jenny was so violent. I'm not one to spread rumors, so I told him that all she had done was run over Jack's Transformers lunch box with her Barbie car and then stole his lunch. Of course, I told him that I had given Jack my apple and yoohoo because I didn't want him to be hungry. Bloggie, he said I was really nice and even offered me the pink starburst! I love the pink starbursts! I think this means we're meant to be! *doodles hearts all over her blog*


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