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Nov 20, 16 4:00pm

Want to know what has been up in my life the last 6 years? Check out my Neo-Home. I updated it with pictures and information about what is up.
Harvest Moon Angel
Nov 20, 16 2:21pm
If you want to know where I live on the internet now just search for AirheadedAngel. That is the new name I go under.
Harvest Moon Angel
Feb 29, 16 9:00pm
Everything stays But it still changes
Harvest Moon Angel
Dec 29, 11 2:41pm
Seriously why no one Neo anymore D:
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Apr 23, 11 1:57am

3 years ago several people came together on the rune factory forum on neoseeker. These people created bonds that will never be forgotten.
Normal people in real life but online they were known by their screen names

Major Lynette
Harvest Moon Angel
And some others
Sakura/one wing

And so many more. Anyone who use to visit the Rune factory forums were welcomed with a warm greeting.
And although those forums are now dead the memories of the members live on in each one of their hearts. :)
I still think about all of you and those good times.
May we never forget! No matter how much things change.

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Harvest Moon Angel
Oct 30, 10 6:41pm
Living my life through a new perspective~<3
Harvest Moon Angel
Aug 3, 09 4:59am
There is no such thing as forever
Harvest Moon Angel
Aug 1, 09 3:10am
I'll get through this wall in your heart
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Jul 19, 09 10:15pm

Okay so if anyone even reads this still I'm just giving an update on my life.
So this summer has been very interesting. It's been filled with laughs and tears. Hard and good times. But it's not over yet.

My story-
My story is coming along. I basically have it all done in my head. Now for the hard part getting in onto paper. =/
Finally came up with a title thanks to Will. Shattered Eternity.

Video games-
I've been playing a lot of games lately. Harvest Moon Ds cute mostly. It's fun. And now that I have HM mfomt I can marry Gray<3

Seen a few movies lately. Saw HArry potter the day it came out. Kinda sucked. =/
Transformers rocked! & Year one was just awesome!
Just watched the movie 'Dude wheres my car?' last night with my dad. FUNNY!

This summer I've been drawign a lot. Improving my skills. Working with colored pencil to color my characters from Shattered eternity. Almost done drawing the characters still not very far on coloring.

Neo News-
Eh not much has been going on. looking for a rp to join. Got new avi and banner. Updating stuff like blog and profile while I'm on a computer.

Been listening to songs from paramore, Avril, and lots of anime music.
Currently been into the song Family Portrait by Pink because it's describes my real life.

Anime- this summer I've watched 4 anime series.
Elfen lied- Very good. 14 episodes and very violent. VERY. But very very good as well.
bokura ga ita/ We were there- My new favorite anime. I was just wonderful. 26 episodes and great.. Great music, characters, plot. It was all great.
Lovely Complex- Funny! I really liked this humor anime.
Spice and Wolf- My new 2nd favorite anime. Will got me hooked on it. I've seen all the episodes so far. Awesome music, plot, story, animation, and well rounded characters.

Can't think of anything else oh well.

Oh wait! i almost forgot.
My summer has been pretty fun but also very sucky and boring. But my grandma let me know next summer we'll go down to FL to vacation! I can't wait for the beach! ^ ^
Also working on getting my perment.

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Jun 21, 09 11:34pm

It was all a long time ago... In a world with magic and war. But I never paid attention to that. all that mattered to me was my 3 best friends and the fun we had.
My friend will you listen to a tale of pure happiness and sorrow?


In my world we had no electronics. We had magic and our own two hands.I was born from the spirit of Spring. Thus my name was Haru.During my childhood i met 3 wonderful friends.
Natsu was a quiet girl with the ears and tail of a cat and the spirit of Summer.My friend Aki had the spirit of Fall inside her. She was always a very fun person.
And last was my dear friend Fuyu.. He had the spirit of Winter and a smile kinder than any other. Everyday we'd play and as the days went by our bond grow stronger. But something started happening once we got older and the world began to change. The world began to die
everyday we would meet in a field. A field full of flowers, trees, clouds, and fun.

Fuyu & I got close. One day he said he liked me and was very happy to have met me, that I was someone very important to him. I blushed and told him the same. After that day I was very happy. I sang with joy and picked flowers. He loved me I just knew it. And I loved him. On a bright sunny day while picking flowers and singing like always I saw fuyu next to a tree. I waved but he didn't see or hear me. Then I saw Natsu was behind the tree. Then Fuyu leaned close to her.. Then my eyes widened. I saw them kiss. I froze with shock and stood there for a long time.Then they saw me. I couldn't hear what they were saying.. I just stumbled away. My heart grew dark.. I then bumped into Aki. "Hello Haru pretty day isn't it?" She said smiling. My eyes were dark almost black I looked up at her. "Why do you think that?" I asked darkly. " I just thought.. Are you ok Haru?" then the darkness took over me. Took over my body and soul. My heart had been broken and all I felt was hate. "If things aren't so great right now don't worry they'll get better!" Aki cheered happily. as Aki talked on and on about things I heard a voice in my head. 'The world must die.. If you help me I'll help you.' It said. "How?"I asked. 'I'll make the pain in your heart go away forever..' It said. 'I promise' I thought for a minute. "What do you need me to do?" I asked.
After it told me..
" I just know th" Then I cut her off. "You idiot." I said. "Ha.." I then grabbed her by her throat.
"h..ar...u..?" She said weakly. Then I throw her against a rock. Her head started to bleed. Then I took her shard of the Kondatsu Orb. It was a orb with the power to awaken the sword of Sandatsu's power. With that power I could kill everyone. I took her shard and power. And left. I headed towards the swords shine. I put her piece of my orb together with mine. I looked at her. Her soul gone because I took her power of Fire. She was dead.
When I got to the shine Fuyu came running behind me. He tried to talk me out of it. I told him I didn't want to hurt him."Get out of my way and give me your shard of the orb."
"Please.. Haru listen.. please I don't want to fight you ether. I love you."
That made me snap. I pushed him away using my power of wind. And he then began attacking me with his power of water. We fought until he slipped up and I tackled him. I was about to kill him. When. He looked at me with sorrow filled eyes. And chanted a spell. Using the last of his strength he cursed me. And disappeared. I froze.. He's dead.. I took his shard and could feel his power within me. Then as I stood up I saw Natsu had been watching. Her eyes wide filled with tears. She then charged at me with full speed. I got out of the way and our battle began. She had the power of Earth on her side. We fought and she kept yelling at me. Finally since I had the power of Wind, Fire, and water I was clearly stronger. She must have known she was doomed because instead of fighting she cast a spell. And she became a part of me. Her body fell dead to the ground. I took her shard and the orb was whole. I put the orb where is was meant to go in the sword. I could feel the power all around me. But the hatred in my heart was gone.. Now only sadness. I began to cry. My friends.. my world.. my love... it was all dead. "What have I done?" I said to myself. "I must kill the darkness that's the only way to save this world." With that I stabbed the sword through my heart. The last thing I felt was regret..

But I was cursed by My friends. the darkness, and the sword.
The curse given to me was to repeat my life over and over again. I would travel to different worlds and times and watch myself make the same mistakes.

And so my long journey to find peace began..

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