Amelia Jayne HarukaKioku
Sep 8, 07 4:26pm
I havent signed your guestbook, have I?

Well, I am now.


And if you didn't see... Sign back!

I saved it as a gif by accident btw, so I lost quality.
nikkiole HarukaKioku
Aug 25, 07 4:12am
Tea ftw

Lol, here's my new stampy =o You're teh first one to get it =)

Edited by me, but it's a bit plain, don't you think...?

Oh and the dark blue bits are meant to be there =] Kinda... I cba editingz it pixel by pixel to clear it out >.<

Anime ftw

Bye for now!

Oh and sign back if possible
harvest_fanatic HarukaKioku
Aug 19, 07 1:24am
Well, good job on winning! Here is your package of 1 MILLION COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

*hands you huge package as back as your house*

Well, hope you enjoy them. And here's a few of my stamps I hope you'll like:

Well, I hope you enjoy your million cookies! Enter again!
MissRoxane HarukaKioku
Jul 15, 07 8:14am
Hi i have decided to sign ur geustbook enjoy the artwork of cherry seasons lol
Cheatergirl007 HarukaKioku
Jun 30, 07 11:46pm
I <3 the stamp u made for me! I also <3 tea! and...

LIL AL HarukaKioku
Jun 25, 07 5:34am
hey i was just signing bunch of peoples guest books today so your one of them well ive done what ive came for talk to ya later
game_testerWB1 HarukaKioku
Jun 7, 07 11:56pm
Hello, Yes, Your Amazing and wonderful friend GT is turning 13 tomorrow, so to wish her a happy bithday sign her guestbook now! Also, her stamp(the original, the only)

Signed By Game_Tester. Sign Back Tomorrow Wish HEr Happy 13th Birthday!
AngelThy HarukaKioku
Jun 3, 07 12:45am
Hihi! Well you signed mine so I thought about signing yours. Well I have a stamp but I think it's a little to big so here is a smaller version!

Go Haruhi Suzumiya!

Fluidity HarukaKioku
May 9, 07 5:23am
Hai. Thanks for all of the help in the forums and for the guestbook signing. It's always nice to hear appreciation for what I do. ^^

Anywayz, I actually have a stamp. =D

nikkiole HarukaKioku
May 6, 07 3:27am

nikkiole HarukaKioku
May 5, 07 5:14pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook!I figured that I should sign yours back, even if I have no idea how to get a stamp...Anyway, I shall be adding you into my friend roster on AC:WW now...See ya soon!: )
Cheatergirl007 HarukaKioku
May 5, 07 2:06pm
I can't believe I haven't signed your guestbook! Yeah, it's good that my buisness is up and running at last! And so much too!
Thank you for including me as a Neofriend in your bio. I will probably update mine soon!
Your stamp did show, and I never delete any of my guestbok signings!

WHOOO! COOL! YEAH! Ah, whatever...
PM me whenever you're online if you wanna chat!

Darth lillies HarukaKioku
Apr 11, 07 8:48am
We all thought you deserved one of these babies!