I havent signed your guestbook, have I?

Well, I am now.


And if you didn't see... Sign back!

I saved it as a gif by accident btw, so I lost quality.
Tea ftw

Lol, here's my new stampy =o You're teh first one to get it =)

Edited by me, but it's a bit plain, don't you think...?

Oh and the dark blue bits are meant to be there =] Kinda... I cba editingz it pixel by pixel to clear it out >.<

Anime ftw

Bye for now!

Oh and sign back if possible
Well, good job on winning! Here is your package of 1 MILLION COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

*hands you huge package as back as your house*

Well, hope you enjoy them. And here's a few of my stamps I hope you'll like:

Well, I hope you enjoy your million cookies! Enter again!
Hi i have decided to sign ur geustbook enjoy the artwork of cherry seasons lol
I <3 the stamp u made for me! I also <3 tea! and...

hey i was just signing bunch of peoples guest books today so your one of them well ive done what ive came for talk to ya later
Hello, Yes, Your Amazing and wonderful friend GT is turning 13 tomorrow, so to wish her a happy bithday sign her guestbook now! Also, her stamp(the original, the only)

Signed By Game_Tester. Sign Back Tomorrow Wish HEr Happy 13th Birthday!
Hihi! Well you signed mine so I thought about signing yours. Well I have a stamp but I think it's a little to big so here is a smaller version!

Go Haruhi Suzumiya!

Hai. Thanks for all of the help in the forums and for the guestbook signing. It's always nice to hear appreciation for what I do. ^^

Anywayz, I actually have a stamp. =D


Thanks for signing my guestbook!I figured that I should sign yours back, even if I have no idea how to get a stamp...Anyway, I shall be adding you into my friend roster on AC:WW now...See ya soon!: )
I can't believe I haven't signed your guestbook! Yeah, it's good that my buisness is up and running at last! And so much too!
Thank you for including me as a Neofriend in your bio. I will probably update mine soon!
Your stamp did show, and I never delete any of my guestbok signings!

WHOOO! COOL! YEAH! Ah, whatever...
PM me whenever you're online if you wanna chat!

We all thought you deserved one of these babies!