Ack! XD I feel like such a neeeewb! I haven't been on Neoseeker in like a year, and now I'm back (ehehe.. false alarm last time I said i was back)

Ummm.. I guess.. I've changed a lot since I was last here... I still like anime and gaming.. drawing, writing, sleeping.. but I've also developed an interest in roleplaying (homg, I need to find my first roleplay ever. I bet it's still here) Also I like yaoi (typical, neh?) rock music, and reading. My favorite books are Twilight, Maximum Ride, and To Kill a Mockingbird. My favorite games are Kingdom Hearts and Harvest Moon.

Yep, so that pretty much sums me up XD I dound pretty boring, don't I? Well my friends would disagree, so hopefully you'll give me chance enough to get to know the hyper side of me, and not my shy, serious exterior.


I first found Neoseeker while I was looking up faq's for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. My first post(in my early nub days) was in the Harvest Moon add-on thread as a guest. I made a few friends back then that I doubt remember me. I was finally able to register on Neo in April 2007, after a year of waiting for my parents to allow it.


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