Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Fear the Carnivorous Sheep!

Cute! Fuzzy! Deadly!

Sign back! ^^
Hey Haruka, it's come time again for random signings. Due to that, boring and generic stamps for all!

See you around.
PMFGz I finally got around to making (as in, stealing a picture off the internet and adding text) a stamp?!

Generic signings for all!

Hello there. Happy Summer Bread!

You got stamped!
Yeah ive seen you around the FE thread, you are very cool. do you wanna be neofriends?

Yeah! Summer Vacation's here! Woohoo! No more school! No more school!

Hey Haruka, I'm random signing guestbooks again and I realised I forgot to sign you last time. Anyways, here you go.

Cya 'round.
i've seen you around the FE forums so thought i'd drop by and stampie your guestbook ^.^

cya around ^^
I've known you since I first joined so...

Love o.0
I am badass so I am going to personalise every message from here (after the picture)

I saw this and the first thing I thought was "Woah I thought Haruka was cosplaying as someone from Tales of Symphonia not Faye Valentine" later!
Aww that stamp is so adorable! You need to update your art thread x3

LegaultxHeath for the win! Even though I whole-heartedly support Legault with Aesha xD!

Oh, sorry for wishing a Valentine's Day so late, Haruka. XD But, Happy Valentine's Day! No da! ^.^

See you around,
Tada! My Valentine's Day stamp. Enjoy it, and have a Happy valentine's day!

P.S. This GB signing is only for females. Aren't you all lucky?....
Okay, then... i don't really care for shounen-ai (sp?) pairings, but whatever. You took the time to sign my guestbook, so it's only fair that I return the gesture.

Happy Valentine's Day, indeed... Another year alone... Well, I'm sure you're having a fine one. As many people know, I cannot make stamps, so you could say that mine is even less personalised than yours.

Whatever the case, have a happy Valentine's day yourself. See ya 'round, maybe...
I knew Heath was a bit... "special", but Legault too? o_0

Happy Valentine's Day!

My penguin so owns.
Thanks for signing ^^
Have a nice V-day too ^^

Best of wishes
You finally started posting again I see.
FE fans are always appreciated to, so, um, ah forget it. Stampage.

Guess who's back?.... Back again.... Kilik's back..... Tell a friend!

Just dropping in to wish you a Merry Christmas. Its been great visiting forums with you all. Hope to say Merry Christmas again next year. So until then I wish you a

~Light Druid
i agree with all of your terms Haruka!

my favorite games are:
Zelda, fire emblem (ALL), tales of symphonia
tales of the world 3 ETC anything like that really.

just thought i'd sign your guestbook
Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy the festive season of giving, and enjoy my mediocre stamp and my unpersonalized message!

Good luck, in your Holiday enjoyment!
and Festivus for the rest of us nice to see you again after my big time of being inactive

I am to lazy to make a very good stamp, so I just added some text to this pic I was wanki-I mean looking at:

Oh and you better come back soon, otherwise I may have to have a sex change and take your place to...