Kilik 64 Haruka Hikawa
Feb 25, 07 10:19pm
Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Carnivorous Sheep Haruka Hikawa
Nov 10, 06 12:38pm

Fear the Carnivorous Sheep!

Cute! Fuzzy! Deadly!

Sign back! ^^
Scarecrow3000 Haruka Hikawa
Aug 19, 06 10:06pm
Hey Haruka, it's come time again for random signings. Due to that, boring and generic stamps for all!

See you around.
Dragonlord999 Haruka Hikawa
Aug 7, 06 1:42pm
PMFGz I finally got around to making (as in, stealing a picture off the internet and adding text) a stamp?!

Generic signings for all!

Hello there. Happy Summer Bread!

You got stamped!
Flame Phoenix Haruka Hikawa
Jul 31, 06 2:50pm
Yeah ive seen you around the FE thread, you are very cool. do you wanna be neofriends?

Kilik 64 Haruka Hikawa
May 26, 06 5:07pm
Yeah! Summer Vacation's here! Woohoo! No more school! No more school!

Scarecrow3000 Haruka Hikawa
Apr 14, 06 9:32pm
Hey Haruka, I'm random signing guestbooks again and I realised I forgot to sign you last time. Anyways, here you go.

Cya 'round.
Blue Star Haruka Hikawa
Apr 13, 06 12:40pm
i've seen you around the FE forums so thought i'd drop by and stampie your guestbook ^.^

cya around ^^
Ste Guitar Haruka Hikawa
Apr 1, 06 12:42pm
I've known you since I first joined so...

Love o.0
Uzumaki Mitch Haruka Hikawa
Feb 18, 06 12:08am
I am badass so I am going to personalise every message from here (after the picture)

I saw this and the first thing I thought was "Woah I thought Haruka was cosplaying as someone from Tales of Symphonia not Faye Valentine" later!
Botan Haruka Hikawa
Feb 16, 06 8:55am
Aww that stamp is so adorable! You need to update your art thread x3

LegaultxHeath for the win! Even though I whole-heartedly support Legault with Aesha xD!

Haruka Hikawa
Feb 15, 06 10:46pm
Oh, sorry for wishing a Valentine's Day so late, Haruka. XD But, Happy Valentine's Day! No da! ^.^

See you around,
Kilik 64 Haruka Hikawa
Feb 15, 06 11:11am
Tada! My Valentine's Day stamp. Enjoy it, and have a Happy valentine's day!

P.S. This GB signing is only for females. Aren't you all lucky?....
The Hero Hartmut Haruka Hikawa
Feb 15, 06 8:08am
Okay, then... i don't really care for shounen-ai (sp?) pairings, but whatever. You took the time to sign my guestbook, so it's only fair that I return the gesture.

Happy Valentine's Day, indeed... Another year alone... Well, I'm sure you're having a fine one. As many people know, I cannot make stamps, so you could say that mine is even less personalised than yours.

Whatever the case, have a happy Valentine's day yourself. See ya 'round, maybe...
Seventh Blade Haruka Hikawa
Feb 15, 06 7:16am
I knew Heath was a bit... "special", but Legault too? o_0

Happy Valentine's Day!

My penguin so owns.
Blue Star Haruka Hikawa
Feb 15, 06 6:36am
Thanks for signing ^^
Have a nice V-day too ^^

Best of wishes
Chaos Seraph Haruka Hikawa
Feb 14, 06 11:08am
You finally started posting again I see.
FE fans are always appreciated to, so, um, ah forget it. Stampage.

Kilik 64 Haruka Hikawa
Feb 4, 06 12:20pm
Guess who's back?.... Back again.... Kilik's back..... Tell a friend!

Light Druid Haruka Hikawa
Dec 25, 05 3:17pm
Just dropping in to wish you a Merry Christmas. Its been great visiting forums with you all. Hope to say Merry Christmas again next year. So until then I wish you a

~Light Druid
FEFAN Haruka Hikawa
Dec 24, 05 12:35am
i agree with all of your terms Haruka!

my favorite games are:
Zelda, fire emblem (ALL), tales of symphonia
tales of the world 3 ETC anything like that really.

just thought i'd sign your guestbook
tomato13187 Haruka Hikawa
Dec 20, 05 6:27am
Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy the festive season of giving, and enjoy my mediocre stamp and my unpersonalized message!

Good luck, in your Holiday enjoyment!
Zanus_of_Freeport Haruka Hikawa
Dec 16, 05 11:51am
and Festivus for the rest of us nice to see you again after my big time of being inactive

Uzumaki Mitch Haruka Hikawa
Dec 10, 05 9:48pm
I am to lazy to make a very good stamp, so I just added some text to this pic I was wanki-I mean looking at:

Oh and you better come back soon, otherwise I may have to have a sex change and take your place to...