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You best be runnin' like the little shit you are
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Everything fails with me
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i am slowly going crazy~
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Hello. Harp, long time no see! Man, we used to be bestest friends.
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God, most of my friends changed their usernames XD Must be hiding from me XD
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Nope. Nopenopenope. I don't care what you say. I love this ROM hack.
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Aug 28, 13 2:52pm

I'd like to point out that my favorite Pokemon may not be conventional for tournament use, or all around usual in-game battle use, but they're still my favorite Pokemon, and reasons will be explained throughout this post.
I've been watching a lot of Pokemon videos on Youtube, specifically from my favorite users TamashiiHiroka and TheJWittz, and I got inspired to make a Pokemon list. Feel free to comment <3

10. Flareon and Umbreon

Flareon is the one Eevee-lutions that I NEVER had. I've had at least one of every other Eevee-lution, but never a Flareon. This has a story behind it, so here goes.

I've started drawing out my Pokemon games, and actually putting forth more time and effort into grinding and leveling up my Pokemon. Granted, however, I have no real knowledge of EVs or how to go about EV training my Pokemon, but that's besides the point. In my Pokemon Platinum game, when it would come time for the Elite Four, I would transfer over my legendaries from other games (such as HeartGold) in order to defeat them, or just transfer over my Pokemon to a different game, filling my boxes instead with crappy Pokemon (or just transferring them to Gen. 5), and then playing the Storyline over again. I realized soon that the reason I was finding my games boring and dull was because I was repeating them over and over again with little to no effort put forth into them. After realizing this, I got some ideas. First was my Pokemon Black 2. I hacked three Pokemon in the GTS and put them on my original Black. As soon as the trading feature was enabled on Black 2, those three Pokemon were transferred over to Black 2 and became the main Pokemon I used, because they were three of my favorites. They grew up to be very strong, and I was proud of them. In recent weeks, I decided that I would start over my Pokemon Platinum, and vowed that I would go after the Elite Four with only a team that I trained on there, not allowing myself the pleasure of using Pokemon from my HeartGold that could KO the Elite Four on their own. The Pokemon I picked for this really became set in stone by about the middle of the game. From there it was decided that my team of Piplup, Gastly, Abra, Eevee, Starly, and the Egg from Riley that hatched into a Riolu would be my team. In my recent HeartGold game, I had developed a love for Bug-types, but the ones I found in Platinum were just unable to do it for me. Once I obtained the Exp. Share, I started raising Roru (my Riolu) right away. Psi (the Abra) had to be switched out in battle until it evolved, but it was worth it. I didn't plan to keep my Riolu in the party, but I never got around to switching it out, even after it had evolved when I had never used it. Eventually, though, it became high enough level I could battle with it, and it went from there. The Eevee on the team was one I had fun training, and honestly decided I needed a different type on my team of mismatches. So I evolved it into Flareon, after finding the Fire Stone in the Solaceon Ruins, and that little f*cker has not once disappointed me.

The story behind Umbreon is simple and sweet. My boyfriend and I were discussing Pokemon and he asked me what Pokemon he would be, and after some deciding, I told him that he'd be Umbreon, and he agreed, and I became Espeon. <3

9. Absol

Though I've never really been able to have a use for an Absol in battle outside of Pokemon Colosseum, were in my powerhouse game my main team consists of an Absol and some various others. I think the design is cool, and think a pre-ev and an evolution character should be introduced for it.

8. Mawile

Mawile, as useless as it may seem, is one of my favorite Pokemon not just because of it's character design, but because it was deemed pretty much useless by lots of people. I, for one, loved raising the little brat. She's not completely useless, trust me.

7. Sableye

Sableye, oh Sableye... Well, let me start off by saying that having no weaknesses helps it out. The reason I have an attachment to this little guy is because when I first got Pokemon Emerald, I encountered quite a few of these in the cave past Dewford Town when looking for Steven. Back then, though, I'd only catch others to fill my Pokedex and train my starter to be a powerhouse, like many kids did. Well, after I was stuck with my Sapphire, I went into the cave to find Steven and found a Sableye. The nostalgia caused me to throw my Pokeball and train her. She came in handy for the Mossdeep City Gym Leaders. In short, Sableye is a part of my past and is now one of my favorites.

6. Skarmory

Lots of Gen 3 here, huh? Skarmory is a combination Steel-Flying type, and again, the nostalgia behind it and it's cool character design drives me to love it, though I have yet to actually get into training one.

5. Tropius

It's a giant flying dinosaur with leaves for wings and a banana beard. HOW COULD I SAY NO?!

4. Ariados/Beedrill

It's a tie between Ariados and Beedrill! I'll start with Ariados; in my HeartGold game, I wanted to try something different. So, I caught a Spinarak and started training it. Normally, I was one to completely ignore Bug-types. They just didn't appeal to me, and they seemed really weak. I was originally doing it for laughs, but I realized that that freaking little spider was strong! Once it evolved, it became my #1 partner in crime. I used him to beat the Elite Four, and he's helping me in Kanto. No, I don't regret raising this bug at all <3 He's my buddy <3 Now, as for Beedrill, I was playing Pokemon FireRed and decided that I wanted to try my hand at raising a Bug-type, so I caught a Weedle... Haha, little did I know he'd become one of my favorite Pokemon to use, and he's helped me out so much... Nope, there's no way in hell I'll drop him from my team. Not gonna happen.

3. Cresselia

Cresselia is a lovely Pokemon. I love her color palette, and her design is dazzling. I personally use her on occasion in Black, and it's so much fun to use her and Mesprit, since they were both wandering Pokemon. In Pokemon: Explorers of Time, I love to have her accompany my team. Pokemon like her are fun for me to use <3

2. Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile

My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Emerald. And with that, my first starter ever was Treecko. He was cool, fun, laid back, and I loved to use him. I have many of my Sceptiles from my past games transferred to my Pokemon Black so I can continue to love and train them. Plus, look at dat badass character design on Grovyle! Mmhm, my favorite starter EVER <3

1. Chandelure

I raised a Chandelure in my Pokemon Black game... Since I was on my own and couldn't use other Pokemon from my older games, I had to grind both my Gothitelle and my Chandelure in order to make it through the Elite Four. That Chandelure was my faithful companion and still is. I'm striving to get everyone to level 100 who is on my Black (that's around 500 Pokemon) <3 My Chandelure is definitely close.
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Aug 25, 13 11:56pm
But if I'm not weird, than what exactly am I?
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Aug 25, 13 10:36pm


For those of you who are blissfully unaware, the U.S Commerce Department is trying to revive certain components of SOPA, which, as many of you know, many of us internet denizens fought aggressively against. This would make someone as simple and sweet as a cute 5-year-old little girl singing Tik Tok a felon. Millions of users online could easily get charged with felonies just because they posted a video of them singing a cover of a Black Veil Brides song or posted a lyric video of Pantera's Walk. All copyrighted content online would get taken down, and the poster charged. Heck, even popular, legal BANDS posting on THEIR channel through (possibly) THEIR RECORD COMPANY could get charged with a felony because they posted a cover of a song somebody else originally wrote (i.e., Marilyn Manson's cover of Tainted Love, Sweet Dreams... Black Veil Bride's cover of Billy Idol's Rebel Yell... You get the picture.) It essentially shuts down Youtube; if I'm reading my articles correctly, this could also mean trouble for many of our beloved gaming channels. What the government appears to be blind to is the fact that people posting playthroughs, covers, parodies, and other things like that, actually BENEFITS the original more than anything else; first, it's a free means of advertising; and who doesn't enjoy the low, low price of free?! Companies' products are promoted, and all they have to do is sit back and do nothing!
Upon reading just the first few paragraphs of the proposed agreement, though, it states that the original creators of a copyrighted product are welcome to put them online... However, the "original creators" of many songs out there are not even alive anymore, and it's not like it's necessarily easy to find everything you want in real-world markets and iTunes (though it's not entirely impossible). Ebay and Amazon and Craigslist offer a vast selection of different items for sale, and if you simply type in what you're looking for, you're bound to come up with at least one, if not two, results.
One question I have, however, is how could this affect users on such sites? Many users use Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. sell (legal) copies of CDs, movies, and video games, but no portion of the money that goes toward the purchase of these items goes back to the original distributor of the product. Example, I purchase a used copy of Pokemon Gold off of a user on Amazon. The seller gets some of the money, Amazon gets a percentage of the money, but Game Freak doesn't get any percentage of the money, and they're the ones who originally produced and distributed the product. They made money off of the person who originally bought it, but the game gets resold at a garage sale, and then after the person who bought it at the garage sale is done with it, they sell it on Amazon. Pokemon is a copyrighted material, and it's getting sold online, and not by the original creator. Does that mean the person selling it is committing a felony?
I'd also like to point out the Copyright Act of 1979. It does not protect copyrighted works from before Jan. 1, 1978. Would this be canceled out by this devil-spawn-of-SOPA, and if I posted a video of me singing O Mein Papa (circa 1939) on Youtube, would I be committing a felony?
If people get charged with copyright infringement, they could be charged with fines, as well. This is what really makes me want to strangle the head of all these branches working to push this shitty copyright thing; if somebody gets charged, and gets fined, where does the money go? My guess is right into the government's pocket, or the pocket of the CEOs involved in the copyright infringement case. The government is attempting to seize control of the one biggest things they have little control over; the internet. This being stated, I think it a fair statement to say that the government is becoming very controlling and greedy, and is attempting to sink its claws into everything they can in order to create a largely (although it's already huge) Capitalist society where the big industry fatcats get their wallets lined while the rest of America gets put into a state of unrest and inability to express opinion, talent, etc.
I hate to pull out this example, but it helps my argument. Justin Bieber, who is one of today's hottest celebs, boasting a salary of $55 million last year alone, makes the industries that this reform is trying to protect million and millions of dollars. He got his start posting original songs and covers on Youtube and later being discovered by Usher. Youtube is a percentage of a source for the recording industries to draft into their ranks new talent that will earn them more money through CDs, concerts, and merchandising galore. Not everyone's talented at songwriting, and so posting covers of songs is just one way to get their voice out there. Anyone ever heard of Christina Grimmie? zeldaxlove64? She posted SO many covers of songs on Youtube, even making an appearance on the Disney show "So Random!", and singing covers of songs on other shows. With this mini-SOPA coming into effect, there will be no more Justin Biebers (yay for those of us who hate him, boo for his screaming fangirls), and no more Christina Grimmies. Undiscovered talent gets severely limited on how they can get themselves out there, as not everybody's a talented singer/songwriter, and people who make money off of Youtube by posting playthroughs of (sometimes) copyrighted material can easily get charged with a felony.
However, in realizing that this would affect the American users above all else, a great deal of American users of the internet would get charged. Which, to me, begs another question; would Youtube, with it's variety of copyrighted material posted from PEOPLE ACROSS THE GLOBE IN OTHER COUNTRIES THAT WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER, be essentially shut down for Americans? Because even if they take down the copyrighted content that the American users posted, there's plenty of non-American users that can re-create accounts over in their country, and re-post the videos that America shut down, and America could do nothing about it, because they aren't dealing with an American citizen, or a non-American on American soil. As been stated before (though not in this blog), nothing is ever truly gone from the internet. So would America make it law that all internet providers had to put up what are basically parental controls on steroids to prevent people from posting/downloading/purchasing copyrighted content except from approved sites (iTunes, or official sites posted by original creators)? Or would the content stay, the user charged, and that be that?

I realize that this topic has gotten a little messy in my mad raving and ranting, and in my blind fury I got completely ignorant and/or off base, and I might've completely skipped over important information that answered my questions. But I'd honestly like to make it a point that what America's government is trying to put into effect is not okay, and needs to be stopped.

The link to the publication where this new reform was first made public is here.

A link to an article about it is found here.

Post a comment or shoot me a message for further comments, questions, arguments, etc.

~Harpie Lady
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Me: "I'm such a dork <:" Friend: "Why?" Me: "Because internet."
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Happy happy happy~
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Prom. It's national "Get Teens Laid" night.
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Depression hurts, but you don't have to. Cymbalta will make it worse.
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Can I get you some aloe for that BURN?!
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Cute nurseeeeees! Hello, nurse!
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Merry motherf*cking Christmas, everypony
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There is no plan that does not involve f*cking around.
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Adeiu to the f*ckers that think that it's funny!

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