I thought it ideal that you be the first one stamped with me re-made Goddess Messenger stamp XD

Didn't turn out great, the stamp, but still, it's probably an improvement over the other one, and it has my new name on it besides.
hello, like i said i miss you alot! and u should really watch elfen lied if u haven't, its cool, well i hope u well! hope to chat with you soon!
I haven't signed or stampped yet! So here's your present.
I originally signed, just to sign. But the 125 character limit thinks otherwise. Now I am forced to throw out many meaningless words just to fit the quota. But I wont be doing any of that now..
So I have set up a little stamp for you..

Well guestbook signings usually end with something fancy or an inspirational saying, so do me a favor, live everyday like its your last.