Okay, so I finally got Kana to his "yellow flower" stage.. But it said that I need Dirk at 3 white flowers or highe

Gamers unite!!! <3

Hi guys! Can anyone tell me how to gain Kana as a good friend, in the hopes of him becoming my husband? Any information wou

Ready to play a game? :D
Happy New Year everyone!

Hi guys! I have a surplus of Bamboo Shoots and was wanting to see if anyone wants any of them? Let me know if you do. Happy g

Ready to play some games! ;)

Hiya gamers! If you are a daily player, and you would like to.. Could you add me on here and post your friend code? I am a da

Hiya gamers! Who is a daily player? If you are, please post your friend code and add me so we can keep in touch on when you w

Anyone want to trade friend codes? :D AnimalCrossingNewLeaf 3DS

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