black ied peas Haro770
May 22, 06 8:03am
I know this stamp isn't better than Marks but here it is anyway.

Happy hanukkah!!!!
burner92 Haro770
May 5, 06 6:28am
I see that you have only a few stamps and I finally got 1 for you
Hero of Wind Haro770
Nov 28, 05 4:50am
sup, i beat FF:VII yesterday, the last fifteen minutes was asweome!

who knew that cloud and sephiroth where once friends?
Ghettomusick Haro770
Aug 20, 05 7:41am
Hey Kyle, it's your girlfriend! I know you will like it! Enjoy!

~I got Peas on my head but dont call me a pea-head
Bees on my head but dont call me a bee-head
Bruce Lees on my head but dont call me a lee-head
Now excuse please, I gots to get my tree fed
You wear name brands I make my own clothing
I hang out with an apple who loves self loathing
Apple: I hate myself
Pancake on my face makes me extra happy
I like shampoo bottles that sit on my lappy
Cuz its my show you cant tell me what to do
When life gives me lemons i make beef stew
Now its time for me to go you know im gonna rock it
I put bologna in my left pocket
Smear some cream cheese in my gold locket
Cuz its my show im andy milinokis
Its my show im smandy smilismokis
Its my show im andy milinokis

Hero of Wind Haro770
Aug 17, 05 11:42pm
hi kyle, just got a new stamp, so heres one i made just 5 seconds ago, its kingdhom hearts, WORSHIP IT!
black ied peas Haro770
Aug 17, 05 11:14pm
Yo heres my stamp now. Sign my guestbook too^_^

Everybody loves jello^_^
guitar gurl Haro770
Aug 9, 05 2:51am

hope u have fun on neoseeker!!

P.S.since i signed your guest book (A.K.A. G.B.), will you sign mine?????????
Segato Haro770
Jul 29, 05 11:54am
hi kyle this is bo, just here to sign and swiftly sway
Hero of Wind Haro770
Jul 22, 05 12:56am
sup kyle, i was bored, so i decied tp sighn ur guest book, enjoy!