I was born in Wales in England on the 14th November 1987. In 1989, when I was 2 we moved to the Isle of Man there I went to Willaston Primary school and then I went to StNinians High School.

While at School I made the biggest mistake of my life doing my A-Levels of Art, Biology and Sociology.

Oh my nickname at school was "Gruber" well i forgot, i think it was something to do with the picture I drew of him.

I think thats all so far in my life, Cya around.

My best neo friend of all is Ford Ka, he is so ace a great friend on neo great fella to PM if you wanna talk to someone.


Going out with my mates drinking and the usual, staying out till the later hours.
Playing on my Nintendo Wii
My favourite lessons at school were Biology and Art. (The Biology at GCSE level)
I absolutely cant stand anime or manga whatever you call it. Naruto, Dragonball Z, I hate all of it.
Im interested in technology and space and earning £.
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Review: Deja Vu - Deja Vu - - - ->Havnt I played this before

Jun 17, 2004

I think it was the year 1992 I was about 4 or 5 and my dad got me a NES one of the games I got was Deja Vu, it was great. But I developed a skill in Ice Climbers. But as the years went on better systems came out but on the 16th June 2004 which is...

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