Eroge all day.
Workin' on King Atillart Sword... Blegh~
Is HR:9, time to bring some punishment onto those G-Rank critters..!
is now at HR:8, with my HR:9 urgent sitting there glaring at me. Yama, I will kill you!
got two Rathalos Rubies from "Fire Ring, Lunar Ring" quest. :D Freakin' awesome!
got a Rathian Plate from Troublesome Pair. O_o
is very, very disappointed with Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight
is killing Nargacuga.
is farming Red Khezu for mats to make Blood Horn and Blood Flute.
is farming Troublesome Pair for quick easy money. :)
is doing some Garuga training for pokke points.
is farming Troublesome Pair.
is killin' some Tigrex
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